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Xiamen Sami Stone Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Sami Stone Co., Ltd.

China Fujian Xiamen, Fujian, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer
Established Year: 2016
Annual Revenue: US$1 Million-US$2 Million
Total Employees: Less than 10 People

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Sale/Service Area: 235 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
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Being located near quarries,Samistone,the professional producer engaged in manufacturing all kinds of exterior construction materials,has the advantage of reaching plenty of raw materials,and has established long cooperation with several quarries to fulfill its demands for raw materials. Samistone occupies more than 30 production lines and has over 100 skilled workers and 30 diligent quality inspectors strictly adhering to the concept of "High Quality"and "Delivering on Time". Equipped with latest imported equipment,Samistone is able to produce all kinds of cut-to-sizes and custom-sized ones with different kinds of surface finishes.In addition,we can also produce irregular-shaped products,such as landscape stone,paving stone and countertops,etc.Samistone has established tight relationship with several project customers from North America and earned their approval and praise.Each of our quality inspectors has more than 10 years' experience in this field.They inspect the whole producing process to assure the high quality.What's more,Samistone has a strict package process,such as reinforce the wood trays,optimize the structure of wood trays and improve the inner packing,to keep the products in good condition till they arrive at your door.
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