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Foshan Jiexia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Foshan Jiexia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

China Guangdong Foshan, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer, Exporter
Established Year: 1996
Annual Revenue: US$5 Million-US$10 Million

Company Information

Sale/Service Area: 216 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
Main Products:

Toilets, Urinals, Bathroom Basins

Company Profile

Jasee Sanitary ware co.,ltd established in the Pottery Capital of China, Foshan city Guangdong province in 1996,has grown one of the stronger enterprises with matching products enterprises in the sanitary ware household industry, owing its own production bases a for sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, massage tub, steam room and auxiliary matching products in China.Following the operational concept of take science and technology as the guide, take quality as the life and service for the development, upon the international first-rate industrial design and research and R& D technology, experienced 10-odd years of sharpened baptism of international market, Jasee Sanitary ware company has taken a lead to pass the strict attestation of international quality system ISO9001 and CE certification. It has formed a long-term OEM strategic partner relationship with many world's famous professional building materials and supermarkets with its product quality and specifications meeting European standards ,sold well to 30-odd provinces, cities ,autonomous regions in China, exported in batch to 50-odd countries and regions such as Europe, Turkey ,Southeast Asia, Singapore, Africa, the Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Korea, Russia and so on. Trusted and praised deeply by foreign and domestic customers. To devote itself the high-quality life demand of the global consumers, Jasee sanitary ware company invested its huge capital in Chaozhou to increase productivity in 1999,set up its product R&D center and large production base, and introduced the foreign advanced technology and large automatic tunnel kiln production .jasee sanitary ware has currently its production area up to 80000-odd square meters and 480 workers, with its annual productivity 4 million pieces, fully meeting all kinds of consumers demands, turning one of the largest domestic enterprises of sanitary ware production. In order to serve the global consumers better and promote the enterprise's core competitive ability, Jasee enterprise forges ahead, upgrading constantly in its product R&D, technology innovation, marketing system, insisting its R&D and design of environmental protection, water-saving, comfortableness and health, and bringing a brand-new modern sanitary bath life enjoyment for the global customers.
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