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Vasaki Building material Co., Ltd.

Vasaki Building material Co., Ltd.

China Guangdong Foshan Shi, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer
Established Year: 2015
Annual Revenue: US$5 Million-US$10 Million
Total Employees: 10-50 People

Company Information

Sale/Service Area: 107 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
Main Products:

Full Body Tiles, Exterior Tiles, Polished Tiles

Company Profile

VASAKI CERAMICS, the marketing center is located in the CCIH Foshan. The production base is located in Mingsheng Enterprise. Our company has 8 kiln production lines and 12 Spanish ink-jet printers. The development technical team members were studied in Italy, as well as the product design is in sync with Italy. Design and production always run along two tracks, one is to grasp the design concept that reflects the trend of the times and aesthetics in time, another one is to continuously improve the technological content and production process of the products. VASAKI always adheres to the concept of combining culture, art and technology. We strive to develop high-end porcelain tile market, and create different designs and different specifications to meet the needs of different customers. VASAKI 's brand is inspired by Italy's long history of art and culture. Designers look for inspiration from nature, explore the charm of forests, oceans, and rocks for tile art reproduction. The Nordic minimalist style conveys a life philosophy, abandoning the complicated design elements, in line with the modern young people's pursuit of simple and free living space. Black and white ash are recognized as a versatile color in the fashion world. Combining the brief is not a simple design concept of VASAKI, it creates a warm and comfortable feeling of the overall space.

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