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Wuhan Ao Qing Technology Co., Ltd.

China Hubei Wuhan, Hubei, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer
Established Year: 2016
Annual Revenue: US$5 Million-US$10 Million

Company Information

Sale/Service Area: 1 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
Main Products:

Glass Sheet, Art Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulating Glass, Low-E Coated Glass

Company Profile

Wuhan Aotsing technilogy co.,ltd. Founded in which it's belongs to Aoshen Group, after 20 years of hard work, has developed into a large-scale group company with multiple business of glass deep-processing, building material glass logistic and trade, real estate development, mineral resources development, highway investment, financial investment, etc.The Group Headquarters is located in Wuhan, has thousands of employees, has four major business plates: glass deep-processing division, glass trade logistics division, property division, investment division, subsidiaries have been spread in Beijing, Shandong Qingdao, Wuhan, Jingzhou of Hubei, Jingmen, Chongqing, Yongzhou of Hunan, Nanchang of Jiangxi, Nanning of Guangxi and other places, scope of business are throughout the country's major provinces and cities and southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East and other markets. Aoshen group will take " constructing bright future" as the mission, adhere to strengthening fine glass deep-processing industry, large-scale development logistic business platform, expanding innovative real estate business model, moderately promote investment cooperation projects, form Ashen Group's industrial, science-tech, scale strategic development goals.Looking forward to the future, Aoshen Group will uphold international eyeshot and standards, for the purpose of value creation, will innovate for continued development, will make efforts to achieve the grand vision of "build a superior glass enterprise with top core competitiveness and develop the diversified industrial group with best sustained growth".
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