Home Product Requirement Electric power generation system for my house


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Inquiry No: 16460424936485599278 Published on: 02-28
Electric power generation system for my house
Purchase Purpose: For a Project
Terms of Payment: T/T
Products Delivered to: Lebanon, Aakkar
Methods to quote: FOB
Status: Quotation Expired Quotation Deadline: 2022-03-30 23:59:59

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Product 1: Other Electrical Products
Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
Kindly check the below and give me your best quotation and your vision and your recommendations. 1-Off Grid Hybrid – 5.5KW Off Grid Inverter to be charged from 2 sources To be charged from the Government Electricity for around 4 Hours every day To be charged from 2 solar Panels (I just have a space to install 2 Solar Panels) 2-4 or 6 or 8 Batteries 200 Ampere Each I need the best Batteries that will generate the power for my Home during the Absence of the Government Electricity The best 2 Solar Panels that can help us to Charge the Batteries in Case the Government Electricity Cut off in special reasons 3-The Other Products that we will need to do the Installation and make it work Cables Controller Etc
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