Home Product Requirement Purchase two apartment building materials, such as doors and floors


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Inquiry No: 20181116203647345819 Published on: 2018-11-16 12:36:47 0 留言给他
Purchase two apartment building materials, such as doors and floors
Purchase Purpose: For a Project
Terms of Payment: T/T
Status: Closed Quotation Deadline: 2018-12-16 12:36:47

Product List

Product 1: Doors, Windows & Curtains
Quantity: 2 Set(s) Budget: FOB, USD 200000
61buildings, 10 floors per building, 60 apartments. Completed 10 buildings a year, built within five years, delivered in a simple manner, purchased in phases, and purchased two. The first time to purchase two materials; customers need building templates, the price is relatively affordable, because the Canton Fair has seen cheap; may also buy some kitchen bathroom tiles, we will buy their own home after the selection of their own decoration; cabinets and Wardrobe, need to be delivered simply, buy your own decoration; the products needed at this stage are as follows Steel door Melamine door Bathroom combination Melamine door Steel door Granite floor tiles windowsill Baseboard Edge product grass +decking+wall panel
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