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Inquiry No: 15871104517980480303 Published on: 2020-04-17 16:00:52 0 留言给他
Aluminum Windows, Germany
Purchase Purpose: For a Project
Terms of Payment: T/T
Products Delivered to: Germany, Brandenburg
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Status: Closed Quotation Deadline: 2020-05-17 16:00:52

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Product 1: Aluminum Windows
Quantity: 36 Piece(s)
we need to get all specifications of this type of awning window. So we do need also drawings expecially from the profile, measurements of the window frame thickness etc. It is not for our needs. We want to open a new store for windows here in germany for a special customers clients. This is not for house, it has a special application. So first we have to check what is possible and if all measurements will fit for our european customers needs. And after we get first samples from your factory we can make a decision between 3 or 4 chinese fabricators, to work together with him in the future. I think we will need around 300 - 600 windows and doors per anno in the first 2 years. But it can be also more, idont know exactly, sorry. The most needet measurements for the future are approx: 400x400 500x400 600x400 800x400 500x550 600x550 800x550 800x600 1000x600 1200x600 1200x1000 1400x1000 The most we need to get is the nordic / australian design with awning funcion, PVC or aluminium frame. Also important is the type of glass. We need high grade sun protection glass please. Please also offer all different glas types with 2 glasses, not 3 ! Attached an example pic what type of window we need to get.
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