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Inquiry No: 15734729607495438295 Published on: 2019-11-11
Bathroom products, Peru
Purchase Purpose: For own project
Terms of Payment: T/T
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Product List

Product 1: Toilet
Quantity: 417 Unit(s) Budget: FOB,USD 100
I have a project in Peru, need some toilet for it Toilet tank and toilet bowl: need 417 units Liters per discharge: 4.8 l Width: 36.3 cm, High: 72 cm, Depth: 61 cm Toilet bowl: Height 37 cm, Width 37 cm, Depth 61 cm Toilet Tank: Height: 35 cm, Width 42 cm, Depth 19.5 cm Color: White, Material: Crockery, Toilet Bowl Shape: Round Download Type: Simple, Hoop Type: Open Trap design with optimal sweep, single discharge buoy system, compact design. Water consumption 4.8 lpf / 1.28 gpf, single lever operated discharge located in the upper-front part of the tank.
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2019-11-12 21:49:40
2019-11-13 15:45:12
Product 2: Bathroom Basins
Quantity: 417 Piece(s) Budget: FOB,USD 100
And I need some Basins for the project Basins: need 417 pieces Width: 44 cm, High: 16 cm, Depth: 32 cm Color: White, Material: Crockery Lavatory made of 100% vitrified earthenware, it comes with drainage for drainage and for furniture faucets, it has overflow.
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Product 3: Bathroom Tapware
Quantity: 417 Piece(s) Budget: FOB,USD 100
And I need lavatory faucets + shower faucets Shower outlet: Height 14 cm, Width 7 cm, Depth 21 cm Shower faucet: Height 4 cm, Width 4 cm, Depth 7.5 cm Arm size: 15 cm, Output diameter: 1/2 " Lavatory wrench: Height 7 cm, Width 4 cm, depth 13 cm. Material: ABS, Color: Silver, Finished: chrome plated Adjusting nut on the ABS base and 1/2 "PVC washer. Conventional shower: ceramic disc closure system or 1/4 turn Quarter turn system with long-lasting ceramic disc. It comes with aerator built into the spout head of the faucet. ABS chrome knob. Conventional shower head with internal body from ABS with chrome finish on the outside with shower outlet made of chromed ABS plastic with a single jet head.
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