Home Building Auxiliary Materials Architectural Glass Toughened Glass Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., Ltd. laminate wall panels for bathrooms glass conference room walls partion wall window wall
laminate wall panels for bathrooms glass conference room walls partion wall window wall

laminate wall panels for bathrooms glass conference room walls partion wall window wall

FOB:  USD 12 - 100
Model: Glass
MOQ: 10
Production Time: 30 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C,Cash
Brand: Sanjing
Sample: Free
Main Port of Export: qingdao
Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., Ltd.

Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., Ltd.

China 2010
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Weifang, Shandong, China, East Asia
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Glass windows

Frame Casement doors and windows

Casement doors or windows feature one sash that is hinged on one side and swings outward. They open and close with the turn of one easy-to-reach handle, which is located on the bottom of the window frame.

Casement windows come in a large variety of designs, sizes, and materials. They work well when combined as part of a larger window installation, such as in bay, bow, or French windows.

Frameless casement doors and windows

Casement doors and windows are one of the most energy-efficient doors and windows. Sanjing creates an airtight seal against the window frame when closed making it hard for air to get through.
Casement windows are an excellent way to ventilate due to opening from the side.
Casement windows also provide unobstructed views since the window is made up of one sash.

Frame sliding doors and windows

Sliding patio doors slide on rollers and are perfect for tight spaces. These doors come in either a French style with a wider bottom rail or a narrow style with much more visible glass.

Sliding doors have many benefits. The main advantages of such constructions are:
• Compact size. They occupy a little space in the room.
• Rational use of living space. When opened, the door leaf moves parallel to the wall and does not swing open.

Frameless sliding doors and windows

Simple installation.
The main reason why such doors are popular is their space saving and versatility. They practically do not occupy space in the room. This makes them an excellent solution for small apartments and narrow halls.
They are convenient to use for people with physical disabilities. Such doors do not interfere with the movement even of wheelchairs.

Frame Bi-fold doors and windows

Bi-fold doors fold in like an accordion to create wide-open entryways. A multi-point locking system provides uncompromised security, while the revolutionary hinge system provides stability and smooth operation.

If you're looking for an attractive and versatile window, there are numerous advantages of bi-fold windows. Bi-fold windows are those that open by pushing panels to one side rather than raising or pushing (or cranking) outwards. Here are some unique reasons why you may want to consider them for your own home.

Frameless Bi'fold doors and windows

A few of the other advantages of bi-fold windows include:
Provide an attractive appearance on the exterior of your home, since their frames can be different materials and colours
Low maintenance and easy to clean
Easily secured
Allow 90% access to the outdoor space
Operate quietly and also block a great deal of noise
Energy efficient with the right glass selection
Allow easy serving options for outdoor eating areas

Shower doors

Sanjing Shower Door offers a wide variety of sliding shower doors. and swing shower door is also avilable.
Each style has its own unique applications and may be configured with towel bars, handles, knobs or finger pulls (contact us for advice and recommendations).

Double hung windows

The advantages of double-hung windows are:
Versatility. Double-hung windows are compatible with most home styles and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The choice of material for double-hung windows includes aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.
Air conditioner and screen friendly. Unlike casement windows, double-hung windows can accept air conditioners and screens. Because they slide up and down instead of cranking out or sliding to the side, they can hold AC units safely and screens can be added and removed when necessary.

Easy to clean. Newer double hung windows have tilt-out upper and lower sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass). This makes the windows easier to clean. 
Energy efficiency. Although precise measurements are required to minimize moisture and air leaks, high quality double hung windows have the option of quadruple weatherstripping. This feature prevents heat from escaping and cold air from entering, eliminating the need to adjust the thermostat up.

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