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One-piece toilet 2395 toilet

One-piece toilet 2395 toilet

FOB:  USD 60 - 70 Piece(s)
Model: 2395 toilet
MOQ: 50 Piece(s)
Production Time: 30 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C,Cash
Sale/Service Area:

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, United States

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, United States
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: Shenzhen or Shantou Port
Chaozhou Jililai Ceramics Co.,Ltd

Chaozhou Jililai Ceramics Co.,Ltd

China 2003
Type of Supplier:

Manufacturer , Exporter

Chaozhou, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Product Details


  1. Nano glaze: Self-cleaning, form water drop, no dirt, no stains, no bacteria, no worries

  2. Three-layers dry glaze, not water glaze: Three-times thicker than general, wear-resisting and oxidation-resistant, glossier and smoother

  3. Inside of water tank: Glazed and polished, no soil residue exit

      Air holes: round and with same size

  4. QQ feet cover: White color, near ceramics, look nicer, plastic material, won't rust

  5. 24-hours water testing before packing: Guarantee flush is good, water tank, pipe, bottom of toilets won't leak water

  6. Computerized furnace kiln: Data for firing fixed each time to keep quality stable

  7. 1280 degrees and 17 hours firing: Make ceramics totally ripe and strong, won't crack easily

Product picture:

2395 one-piece toilet.jpg


toilet factory.jpg

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