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WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

FOB:  USD 15.8 - 19.75 Piece(s)
Model: u190
MOQ: 100 Piece(s)
Production Time: 25 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C
Sample: Free
Main Port of Export: Shenzhen


China 2006
Type of Supplier:

Manufacturer , Exporter

Zhejiang, China, East Asia
Product Details

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:

  • Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:

  • iPuray

  • Model Number:

  • u190

  • Type:

  • Wall Socket

  • Grounding:

  • Non-Grounding

  • Rated Voltage:

  • 220V

  • Rated Current:

  • 10A Max

  • Application:

  • Residential / General-Purpose

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:

  • 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • Paper box

  • Port

  • Yantian, shenzhen


WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home


u190 is a WIFI smart plug-in which controls power ON/OFF of a power supply socket. Without changing the existing wiring, it can be easily plugged into an existing wall mount socket or onto a power bar. It can be used to control home appliance, electronic equipment and lighting fixtures with two-pin or three pin power plugs.



WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

Fig. 1  u190 WiFi Smart Plug-in Controlled Directly by a Smartphone



l  WiFi link to the smart phone with a working distance as long as 30m;

l  Colorful touch screen display with friendly user interface;

l  Bi-directional communication with real time display of device status; and

l  Smartphone as the control device and no need for additional remote controls.




u190 smart plug-in has a safety protection cover, a two hole or three hole socket, and a status indicator ring on its front side. It also has a reset button and a decoration frame on its side surfaces. 



                       WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home
































                                               Fig. 2  u190 Front View         





WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

                                                Fig. 3  u190 Side View





Once plugged into an u190 WiFi smart plug-in, home appliances or other electronic equipments are not only controllable by a smartphone, but also can have their operation status displayed by a smart phone. u190 WiFi smart plug-in can control many kinds of appliances, such as Water Heater, Refrigerator, Electric Cooker, Television, Electric Blanket, Fan, Ventilator, Humidifier, Air purifier, Desk lamp, Floor Light, etc. Fig. 4 shows typical applications of u190 WiFi smart plug-in.


WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home








Input Voltage


Working Temperature

No-condensation 20-90%RH,-20℃~40℃

Load power


   Load type


Plug type

International standard three pin plug

Socket Type

International standard two hole and three hole sockets



Net weight




Installation Guide: 


Usually u190 WiFi smart plug-in has two ways of installation, as shown in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6.


WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

                              Fig. 5  Plugged into to a wall Mount socket



WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home

                                           Fig. 6  Plugged onto a Power Bar 





Smartphone Interface Installation and Operation


Download Smartphone APK after installing u190 WIFI Smart Socket



WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home



                     Fig. a                                      Fig. b                                   Fig. c



Operation Guide:

1.       Download an Android APK and launch the program. A password matching the WIFI Smart Socket needs to be entered for the first sign-in. See above Fib. a.

2.       Once the password is confirmed and gain access to the load type selection interface, click to select the right load type to be controlled. See above Fib. b.

3.       Once load type is selected and enter the control interface, click the icon to control the load. See above Fig. c.



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 WiFi Smart Plug-in Smart HomeWiFi Smart Plug-in Smart HomeWiFi Smart Plug-in Smart HomeWiFi Smart Plug-in Smart HomeWiFi Smart Plug-in Smart Home



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