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Diatomite Plastic Composite flooirng

Diatomite Plastic Composite flooirng

FOB:  USD 6 - 8.5
Model: BD1041
MOQ: 500
Production Time: 15 days
Terms of Payment: T/T
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: Dalian
Linjiang City Jinbao Timer Co.,Ltd

Linjiang City Jinbao Timer Co.,Ltd

China 2008
Type of Supplier:


Jilin, China, East Asia
Product Details

Diatomite Plastic Composite flooring creates a floor that offers the ideal balance of stability,elegance, comfort, safety, durability and easy care.

Diatomite layer serves as the foundation, extra sturdy and durable which could withstand temperature/moisture changes without deform, expand, shrink etc. Print film layer not only elegant in appearance, with the protection of wear layer and UV layer, could withstand the highest tear and wear. Excellent moisture/water resistant function, it could be used in the moistest area such as kitchen, bathroom. Absolutely toxic substance free and zero formaldehyde, you could be rest assured to use our products. Our flooring is fire retardant, further protect you and your loved ones. And with UNICLIC® locking technology, the installation of our flooring is easy and quick.

Advantages: Withstand the highest tear and wear, Eco-friendly, formaldehyde free, Water resistant, Fire retardant, easy to maintain.

Embossed & Flat surface optional and with abundant textures and rich colors, there will always be one that catches your eyes!


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