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two component waterproofing paint water based acrylic polymer chemical

two component waterproofing paint water based acrylic polymer chemical

FOB:  USD 1400 Ton(s)
Model: HN-332T
MOQ: 1 Ton(s)
Production Time: 15 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C,D/A
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: qingdao
Qingdao Highonour Chemical Tech Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Highonour Chemical Tech Co., Ltd.

China 2011
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Qingdao, Shandong, China, East Asia
Product Details


HN-332T water based acrylic polymer

for two component waterproof coatings

Product Description


two component waterproof, putty, gigging paint. 

Excellent cement compatibility, excellent low temperature performance, extensibility and tensile strength, excellent water, alkali and weather resistance.


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two component waterproof polymer

Water proofing of floors, rooftops, basements, road, bridges etc.

The waterproofing membranes are strong and flexible, adhesive well to difficult substrates. Those membranes are highly water resistant and versatile to a variety of applications. The applied membrane creates a continuous waterproof film to protect the surface.

1.  For building coating application
- HN-101/102/996 for interior and exterior wall paints
- HN-4208/4208A for stone-like paints
- HN-01F for wall primers
- HN-314T/519T for wall putties
- HN-340T/HN-332T for waterproof coatings

2.  For sealant adhesives application
- HN-154VE for construction sealants
- HN-101D for waterproof sealants
- HN-166T for high elastic silicone

3.  Polymer auxiliaries
- AT-01/ATW-60/ATW-2000 Thickening agents
- WP-19/WP-5040 Dispersing agents

4.  Textile adhesives application
- HN-5001 for scree pigment pastes/discharge pastes
- HN-SL530 for wet curtains bonding
- HN-9827 for sponge adhesives
- HN-2108S/3451HF for glass fibre grid cloth hardening adhesives
- HN-YS861 for wallpaper printing inks
- HN-8321 for magic Velcro/hook and loop fastener backing adhesives
- HN-6019 for PSA pressure sensitive adhesives
- HN-NK701 for flexo inks
- HN-PM01 for carpet backing adhesives-
- HN-MQ603 for wood furniture varnish/lacquer

5.  Dust suppression application
- HN-541 for road construction
- HN-130VA for frequent spray dust control
- HN-152VA for non-pollution dust control
- HN-158T for high end dust control

6.  Metal antirust application
- HN-1019/AC610/02BF for metal antirust

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