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DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Door Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain With Magnets

DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Door Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain With Magnets

FOB:  USD 2.65 - 2.95 Set(s)
Model: 2.1m*0.9m 2.2m*0.9m 2m*1m 2.2m*1m
MOQ: 200 Set(s)
Production Time: 4 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C
Sample: Free
Main Port of Export: shanghai
Anhui Lanqi Mesh Weaving Co., Ltd.

Anhui Lanqi Mesh Weaving Co., Ltd.

China 1990
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Bozhou, Anhui, China, East Asia
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At least 26 pieces invisible powerful magnets make the screen close rapidly and seamlessly,

full frame self adhesive tape makes the screen on the door frame solidly and easily. 



1.Keep biting insects out, let fresh air flow freely

2.Hands-free, Open and close instantly 

3.Easy installation & detachable

4.Energy-saving, eco-friendly, no pesticides

5.Noiseless, secure shut

6.Children and Pets friendly

7.Hand washable, fold to compact size

8.Natural light allowed in


DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Door Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain With Magnets



Used widely in home, hotel, restaurant and other places for different kinds of interior doors, doors frame can be with wood, metal, plastic and any other flat door frame surfaces. 


The mosquito net screen fit for half door, garage door, kids door, sliding door, french door, kitchen door, bathroom door, bedroom door, cabinet door, main door,  latch door,  front door, hanging door, touch door, patio door, auto door, pivot door, stainless steel door, wood door, glass door, steel door, wpc door, plastic door, etc. 



Item nameMagnetic Screen Door
StructurePolyester mesh with sewn magnets in middle and bottom, self adhesive tape for full frame
ColorBeige, Brown
PackingColor box or plastic bag with color lable
AdvantageThis can be installed in seconds with no hassle and no tools are required for the installation

Used in home for garage, kitchen, bedroom, living room, in restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other places.


Magnetic door screen curtain is the best choice for ventilation, filtrating, insect-proof, safety with various screens of doors.


Convenient for toddlers, pets and free of obstacles for wheel chairs 

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