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China zoomlion qy160h 160 ton mobile truck crane factory price for sale

China zoomlion qy160h 160 ton mobile truck crane factory price for sale

FOB: USD 510,000 - 630,000 Unit(s)
Model: qy160h
MOQ: 1 Unit(s)
Production Time: 30 days
Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: shanghai
Shanghai Canmax Electronic & Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Canmax Electronic & Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

China 2011
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Shanghai City, Shanghai, China, East Asia
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China zoomlion qy160h 160 ton mobile truck crane factory price for sale

Product Description

The crane adopts polygon-section boom(Patent No.: ZL 2004 2 0035755.7)whichmakes the stress distributed more evenly, the load bearing condition improved, the deadweight reduced, and the load carrying capacity of boom improved.

The boom adopts two-section independent telescoping mechanism (Patent No.: ZL 2004 2 0035753.8) which greatly improves the lifting performance of themiddle-long boom.

The crane adopts double slewing mechanism and closed control circuit(Patent No.:ZL 2004 2 0035751.9)which make gear drive continuously and smoothly. In addition, it has the advantages of good cushioning performance, high accuracy of motions, high utilization ratio of energy and low heat of systemwhile the crane starts or brakes.

The crane adopts load sensor and electro-hydraulic proportional control system (Patent No.: ZL 03 2 27135.2) which can improve the jogging performance of motions.

The electric system has the faulty self-diagnosis function, which can monitor the working state of electronic control system in the course of running crane. If the abnormal phenomena happen, it can find out faults by a certain way to calculate, start the corresponding fault running modules and then display the corresponding information on interface. In this way, the service man can find out the faults and do maintenance at once.

The crane adopts CAN-bus control technology which ensures the high reliability of data transfer.

The crane adopts limit load control technology which can ensure the engine power to be full used and prevent it from shutdown due to overload.

The crane is equipped with a load moment limiter with multifunction which can ensure high safety, reliability and accuracy.

The crane adopts an operator's cab which can tilt 20°to broaden operator’s view.

The derricking mechanism adopts four modes, e.g. high speed, middle speed, low speed and jogging, to meet the requirements under different working conditions.

The driver’s cab adopts an advanced reversing rear display system which displays rear working area directly to make reversing much safer andeasier.


China zoomlion qy160h 160 ton mobile truck crane factory price for sale 

China zoomlion qy160h 160 ton mobile truck crane factory price for sale


Main Parameter


Working performance specificationMax. rated total lifting capacity kg160000
Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m5488
Max. lifting height of basic boom m14
Max. lifting height of main boom m64
Max. lifting height of fly jib m90.6 / (98.5)
Working speedMax. speed of single rope on main winch m/min110
Max. speed of single rope onauxiliary winch m/min75
Derricking time of boom s80
Traveling specificationMax. traveling speed km/h75
Max. gradeability %40
Min. turning circle diameter m23
Min. ground clearance mm325
Limits for exhaust pollutants and smokeComply with related standards

Oil consumption per hundred kilometers L70
Mass specificationDeadweight of crane in traveling condition kg58400
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg58205
Front axle load kg10800
Intermediate and rear axles loadkg26000
Dimension specificationOverall dimensions(L×W×H)mm15600×3000×4000

Base on outriggers m8.05
Distance between outriggers m8.5 (full extended)
6.5(half extended)

Main boom length m13.5~63
Main boom angle°-0.5-82
Fly jib length m11 ,18.6,26.6
Extension boom + fly jibm34.6
Offset angle of fly jib °0, 30


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