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14mm Thick Indoor Bamboo Wall Panel ,Bamboo Flooring

14mm Thick Indoor Bamboo Wall Panel ,Bamboo Flooring

FOB:  USD 28 - 35
Model: bamboo wall cladding
MOQ: 100
Production Time: 25 days
Terms of Payment: T/T
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: SHANGHAI
Henan Senhe Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Henan Senhe Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

China 2016
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Zhengzhou, Henan, China, East Asia
Product Details



14mm Thick Indoor Bamboo Wall Panel

Product Description

1) Materials:100% Raw Bamboo
2) Colours:carbonized
3) Moisture content:8%-12%
4) Formaldehyde emission:Up to E1standard of Europe
5) Varnish:Treffert
6) Coating:13 coating finish ,3 top UV coating.
7) GlueDynea
8) Joint  :G System
9) Supply ability:10,000 m2 / month
10) Certificate:CE Certification
11) Packing:standard export cartons and pallets
12) Deliverly Time:Within 30 days after received deposit payment
13) Payment:L/C at sight,  or T/T (30%deposit  in advanced)
14) Loading Port:Shanghai
15) Installationnail down or glue down
16) WarrantyLifetime structure / 25 years of structural guarantee


Why choose bamboo?

1, Incredible Bending strength , good toughness , bending strength equivalent to 8-10 times the wood board strength , 4-5 times the strength of plywood , you can reduce the number of templates support .

2, build a template comparison bamboo surface with dense , smooth, easy prolapse concrete surface , easily to demold.

3, bamboo plywood with fine water resistance . No tackless of the bamboo plywood boiled with 3 hours.

4, bamboo corrosion, anti-moth.

5, bamboo thermal conductivity 0.14-0.14w/mk, far less than the thermal conductivity of steel formwork is conducive winter construction insulation.

6, Most cost effective, double side available with about ten times of turnaround.

14mm Thick Indoor Bamboo Wall Panel 


1.Elegant appearance

Offer sanding, grooves, embossing ( including 3D embossing )surface treatment for choice.

2.ISO/CE/ISO/FSC certification

Always put the production quality on the first place.

3.Independent factory

Specialized in strand woven bambooflooring industry for 24 years,welcome to visit our factory in Changge city of China for more details.

14mm Thick Indoor Bamboo Wall Panel

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