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acrylic basketball court thinner japan tile nano ceramic coating factory

acrylic basketball court thinner japan tile nano ceramic coating factory

FOB: USD 1.5 Kg(s)
Model: Waterproof Coatings
MOQ: 500 Kg(s)
Production Time: 30 days
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China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Hong Kong-China, Macao-China, Taiwan-China

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Maoming Maonan Aobang Coating Co., Ltd.

Maoming Maonan Aobang Coating Co., Ltd.

China 2013
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maoming, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Product Details


Product Details


Bondiwei nano-permeable waterproofing agent has unique waterproof performance, can penetrate deep into the cement substrate, form a permanent overall waterproof structural layer, and has excellent aging resistance and long service life. The main technical indicators of this product are based on international standards and are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The construction is safe and simple, non-polluting, and can play a decorative and beautifying role. There is no special requirement for the water content of the construction base. The water content can be less than 15%, and only 4kg for 4-5 square meters, saving labor and materials, is the first choice for your waterproof.




Nano-permeable Waterproof Type


1. Colorless and odorless, environmentally friendly materials;
2. Unique lotus leaf effect, anti-fouling and self-cleaning;
3. The water is breathable, and the waterproof effect of the brick is good;
4. The transparent coating film does not affect the decorative effect;
5. Excellent aging resistance and long service life;
6. Easy to construct, convenient and fast.

Application Range

Mainly used in:
1.Clear water wall, lime, cement mortar, and concrete surface (good waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-pollution and salt-proof);
2.Various paint decorative surfaces (which can greatly improve the waterproof, color retention and anti-staining ability of the coating);
3.Tiles and mosaic joints (white flowers caused by peeling and salting out caused by the damage caused by frost caused by water absorption on the wall surface);
4.Ancient architectural decorative surface, garden, stone carving, cultural relics protection unit, warehouse, archives room, library, martyrs cemetery, etc. (improving its acid rain, weathering, waterproof and color retention);
5.Leakage of granaries, residents and other buildings; can also be used as a water repellent for gypsum board or as a waterproofing agent for products.

Technical indicators:

1.Solid content: 25%;
2.PH: 3.5-5;
3. Waterproof effect: untreated aerated concrete plate, 6 drops of water in 30 seconds, after absorption, after 5 hours, 6 drops of water remain as they are;
4. Dosage: 20-50 square meters / kg

1. Spraying or painting: Waterproofing agent: water=1:3-5, stir evenly, use a clean agricultural sprayer or row brush on the dry base for 3 consecutive times, without intermittent;
2. Add cement mortar: water repellent: water = 1:3-10 ratio, then add cement and sand to stir into mortar.

Product application range:
1. It is used for bathroom, kitchen, balcony, window, concrete floor, red brick wall, roof, exterior wall, gutter brick joint, etc. It has good waterproof, anti-seepage, trap, moisture, mildew, anti-pollution and color retention. Equal effect
2. It can be used as a water repellent for gypsum board or as a waterproofing agent for products.

Construction process:
First, spraying or brushing construction process:
1. Clean the base surface, require the base surface, no oil stains, floating dust, no empty drum, no cracking, no holes (more than 2mm crack, please repair first).
2. Spraying or brushing: Waterproofing agent: water = 1:1-3, stir evenly, spray or brush 3 times on the dry base surface with a clean agricultural sprayer or row brush (note that there is no intermittent in the middle).
Second, the cement mortar construction process:
1. Clean the base surface, require the base surface, no oil stains, floating dust, no empty drum, no cracking, no holes (more than 2mm crack, please repair first).
2. The water repellent is poured into the cement mortar to stir and smooth the mortar; the product is mixed with cement and sand. The proportion of waterproofing agent and cement sand will be poured into a clean stirred container, and stirred for 3-5 minutes until the slurry is powder-free. For the uniform glue, it is recommended to use mechanical stirring to achieve the best mixing effect.
3. Use a brush to evenly apply the slurry to the wet substrate.

Spraying dosage: 10-20m2/kg (the actual dosage depends on the specific base condition)

 Product specifications: 5L/500ML

Product shelf life: The product is sealed and stored on a ventilated, dry and cool shelf for 12 months.

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In order to continue the market growth and to quickly meet the needs of customers, the company has established three production bases: Zhongshan Meiaobang Building Materials Co., Ltd., Guangxi Guiping Meiaobang Building Materials Co., Ltd., Maoming Aobang Coating Co., Ltd. At the same time, in order to ensure product quality, the company has maintained good cooperative relations with many multinational chemical companies such as DuPont, Bayer, BASF and WACKER, and provided strong technical support for product research and development and innovation.
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Q: Do you charge for the samples?
A: According to our company policy,the samples are free, we only charge the freight and we will return the freight if you set the order.

Q: Can you produce the product according to customers requirements?
A: Sure, we are professional manufacturer.So we can efficiently control the production time, usually our delivery time is 10-25 working days.

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A: That is our customer 's privacy, so we should protect their information

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A: We can provide you samples inspection .If you order to us,we must promise the quality

Q:Do you provide OEM custom service?
A:Yes, we can custom the bag with your logo and specific pattern, MOQ & print film cost required.

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