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Plugging King Powder state stoping seapage plugging waterproofing coating for Kitchen toilet and basement
Plugging King Powder state stoping seapage plugging waterproofing coating for Kitchen toilet and basement

Plugging King Powder state stoping seapage plugging waterproofing coating for Kitchen toilet and basement

FOB:  USD 0.67 Kg(s)
Model: Plugging King
MOQ: 240 Kg(s)
Production Time: 30 days
Terms of Payment: T/T
Sale/Service Area:

China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Hong Kong-China, Macao-China, Taiwan-China

China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Hong Kong-China, Macao-China, Taiwan-China
Sample: Free
Main Port of Export: Zhanjiang port,Guangzhou port,Shenzhen port
Maoming Maonan Aobang Coating Co., Ltd.

Maoming Maonan Aobang Coating Co., Ltd.

China 2013
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maoming, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Product Details


Product Details


1. Condensation hardening is fast, strength develops rapidly, and it can effectively resist water pressure.
2. With water pressure to block the leak, stop the water instantly, simple and convenient.
3. Good workability and cohesiveness, easy to level, repair and other rapid construction.
4. It has micro-expansion and good anti-penetration performance.
5. Strong bonding force, complete and firm with the base surface.
6. Health, environmental protection, aging resistance, no pollution to water quality and the surrounding environment.



Portland cement quartz powder


Rapid plugging of various leaking points


1 kg per piece.12 pieces as a box

Shelf life

Ventilated dry and cool shelves can be guaranteed for 12 months.

The scope of products:

1. Repair of non-stretching concrete or mortar structure between kitchen and bathroom, basement and roof;
2. It can be used for the circular arc treatment of the female corner and the waterproof strengthening treatment around the pipeline;
3. Various wall piercings, casing defects, and yin and yang corner repairs;
4. Embed the hooks and seal the equipment railings.

Construction process:

1. Clean the base surface to remove loose surface material, and the base surface should not be too dry.
2. Press the plugging spirit: water = 1:0.25-0.35, quickly stir and knead into agglomerate, and then press into the leaking cavity quickly when it is slightly hard, press for 3-5 minutes (if necessary) The surface is brushed twice with Bondiwei waterproof coating).


1. The proportion of gouache can be adjusted appropriately with the low material, weather and construction conditions;
2. The setting time may fluctuate due to different water consumption and construction temperature;
3. After the product is opened, in order to avoid the impact of product performance, the unused products should be re-closed;
3. A lot of fever will occur when condensing, and care should be taken to burn;
4. This product has strong alkalinity and should be protected accordingly during construction.

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Q: Do you charge for the samples?
A: According to our company policy,the samples are free, we only charge the freight and we will return the freight if you set the order.

Q: Can you produce the product according to customers requirements?
A: Sure, we are professional manufacturer.So we can efficiently control the production time, usually our delivery time is 10-25 working days.

Q: Can you tell me your main customers?
A: That is our customer 's privacy, so we should protect their information

Q: What about the quality?
A: We can provide you samples inspection .If you order to us,we must promise the quality

Q:Do you provide OEM custom service?
A:Yes, we can custom the bag with your logo and specific pattern, MOQ & print film cost required.

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