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Outdoor sports floor / Rubber Flooring 5

Outdoor sports floor / Rubber Flooring 5

Model: Rubber Flooring-5
MOQ: 100
Production Time: 30 days
Terms of Payment: T/T
Sample: Charge
Main Port of Export: Tianjin
Hebei Maidong Plastic Floor Co., Ltd.

Hebei Maidong Plastic Floor Co., Ltd.

China 2011
Type of Supplier:


Hebei, China, East Asia
Product Details
Light Green , Blue , Light Yellow , Light Grey , Sky Blue , Green , Pink , Red , Yellow
Elastic Rubber , Anti-Acid , Conductive , Antistatic , Electrical Insulation , High Temperature Resistance , Anti-Low Temperature , Other
< 3mm , 3mm- 8mm , > 8mm


Question: Is there a special odor for MaiDao sports flooring products? Is it green?

A: Maidong Rubber is a very environmentally friendly recyclable product. It is non-toxic and harmless and does not contain any toxic ingredients. All indicators have been tested by the National Environmental Quality Supervision Center and are all qualified products. And has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, is a member unit of China Badminton Association.

Q: What kind of shoes do I need to wear to exercise on the tread gel?

Answer: In fact, Maide is a highly adaptable product. As long as you wear sports shoes that are generally suitable for indoor sports, you must not wear high heels and faded shoes to exercise on the rubber.

Q: Except for the special rubber for competition, how many other products can be reached in length?

A: The difference between Maidang rubber and other brand products is that the length of our other products except for the competition type rubber can reach infinite length, which saves customers' paving loss to the greatest extent, has fewer joints, and enhances paving The overall beauty of the effect.

Q: Can MaiDao Sports Glue be used on warm floors?

Answer: Yes.

Q: What's the difference between the professional type and the popular type of MaiDao Sports Rubber?

Answer: 1. Intuitively, the thickness is different. 2. The feet feel different. 3.Professional floor rubber has stronger rebound and shock absorption. 4. Athletes compete on professional rubber, with higher friction coefficient and better anti-skid performance. They are less likely to be injured and lighter. 5. The adhesive force of professional type rubber is larger and more stable. 6. Professional type rubber adopts calendering production technology, while popular type rubber uses coating and hanging production technology.

Question: If there is a quality problem in Maidong Sports Rubber, who will bear the after-sales maintenance costs of the rubber?

A: There is a problem in the scope of the warranty or the warranty period, which is caused by the manufacturer (such as the ground rubber wear layer is worn through). All costs are borne by us. It is the cause of the customer (such as the ground rubber being marked by sharp objects, etc.), and all costs are borne by the customer. Any problems that occur after the warranty period are also borne by the customer.

Question: After the installation of floor rubber, what kind of standards can be qualified?

A: After the construction is completed, there is no glue and residue at the joints of the ground rubber. The surface of the ground rubber is truly seamless through welding.

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