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Zhongheng Chongqing International Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Zhongheng Chongqing International Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Office Location: Chongqing City, Chongqing, China, East Asia China Chongqing
Team Size: Above 100 People
Year of Registration: 1994
Annual Revenue: US$50 Million-US$100 Million

Design Service Type

Design Service Type: Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)
Acceptable Price:
USD 21-50/m²
Design Certificate:
Specialized Project:
Service Area:
Provide services for 235 Countries/Regions

Company Profile

Zhongheng Chongqing International Engineering Design Co., Ltd. It is a class a architecture design organization with international background. It is a comprehensive class a design group with international background and facing the whole country. It is qualified for the general contract of construction engineering.

The construction engineering design qualification of the state, the first class qualification of the construction engineering,
the urban and rural planning qualification, the qualification of landscape architecture design, the municipal road and the qualification of drainage are obtained.

The company has a commercial research institute, a joint consulting branch, a building information and energy technology research center, green engineering construction company, municipal design branch, green construction center,BIM center, picture trial center, landscape design subsidiary, curtain wall design center, and interior design center. Its business includes consultation planning, planning and design, architectural design and business operation, providing full chain service to commercial real estate projects, and undertaking landscape design and construction, interior decoration and construction.

And in mountain architecture, urban complex, commercial buildings, high-end residential, a variety of real estate planning and design and other fields have made outstanding achievements.ECD has branches in Xi'an, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Xinjiang, He fei, Nanning, Kunming and other places. At the same time, with the Canadian national treasure level master Dans.Hanganv to establish a master studio, now Zhuo Chuang international has become one of the largest private design institutions in China.

The core advantage of ECD comes from the diverse and experienced team of architects, the design ideas of open freedom and the perfect quality management system to ensure the deep quality of the design. The company has more than 1000 kinds of high-quality professional design talents. Among them, there are 25 first-class registered architects, 30 first-class registered architects, 52 senior engineers,282 engineers, 24 doctors and postgraduates. Strong human resources, unique design concepts, rich practical experience, so that Zhuochang New Year has been well received by property developers and construction units around. Twenty-first Century is full of opportunities and challenges. Zhuo Chuang will always provide high quality design and service to create a new living space for the masses.

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