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Piao Zhu Space Design Office

Piao Zhu Space Design Office

Office Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, East Asia China Zhejiang
Team Size: 10-50 People
Year of Registration: 2015
Annual Revenue: US$1 Million-US$2 Million

Design Service Type

Architectural Design

Acceptable Price:
USD 0-100/m²
Above USD 100/m²
Specialized Project:
Apartment , Villa , Business Hotel , Resort Hotel , Office Building , Complex Building , Commercial Complex , Shopping Mall , Exhibition Center , Museum , Library , Hospital , School , Factory
Service Area:
Provide services for 235 Countries/Regions

Company Profile

Pizhu Space Design Office was founded in the early summer of 2015, focusing on the design and research direction of local contemporary architecture. Has for years been engaged in planning, architecture, landscape, interior, product, lighting and cross-border research and practice in the fields of art creation, firm holding "experiment, original, pure, contemporary" principle, adhere to the theory and practice, and the relation between research and design of parallel experiments, pay attention to the study of regional culture, the design of the protection, inheritance and critically thinking; Our design concept is: to the craftsman's heart, catch the way of daily life, accumulate complexity in simplicity, fine cut between the measure, manage the beauty of design, appreciate the art of space. The research direction and field of the firm in the next five years are mainly the reconstruction of contemporary Chinese rural space system and the in-depth design thinking of cultural tourism and agricultural tourism, focusing on the exploration of design value in the contemporary context and the collision of cross-boundary ideas. Firms in the field of township construction projects in recent years there are more design thinking and project builds accumulation, and received more attention, small to the contemporary research and practice of rural residential monomer to the whole system or rural village space combination of the overall planning and project planning, always on the relationship between the natural, cultural and life kept a keen perception and attitude of critical thinking.

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