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Shaanxi Electronic Information International Commerce Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Electronic Information International Commerce Co., Ltd

China Shaanxi Shaanxi, Shaanxi, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer, Exporter
Established Year: 2010
Annual Revenue: US$2 Million-US$5 Million
Total Employees: 10-50 People

Company Information

Sale/Service Area: 235 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
Main Products:

Pendant Lights, Outdoor Lighting, Desk Lamps, Panel lights, Electric Power Street Lights

Company Profile

Shaanxi Electronic Information Group (SEC) is one of China's top 100 electronic information enterprises, with more than 30,000 employees and an annual output value of more than 17 billion yuan. It has 21 first-level enterprises and its main products include communication, electronic components, special equipment, medical devices, semiconductor power devices, LED, photovoltaic and so on.Shaanxi Electronic Information International Business Co., Ltd. (SECIBC) is a first-class subsidiary of SEC. SECIBC is the only official service platform for the export and sales of group products and provides professional import and export services for all subsidiaries of SEC. SECIBC owns a professional team with over 20 years experience in international trade, which is rated "national class A import and export enterprises in China" in successive years. We are familiar with international and domestic laws and regulations, industry policy and risk prevention, proficient in import and export business operation process. We have established good relations with Xi'an, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao and other local customs department. At the same time, SEC has established long-term trade and cooperation relations with enterprises and business communities in more than 20 countries/regions, such as Shanghai, Xi'an, Hong Kong and other places as the central radiation, forming a stable upstream and downstream network channels.
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