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Zhuhai Sirkap Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Sirkap Ceramics Co., Ltd.

China Guangdong Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Type of Supplier: Manufacturer, Exporter
Established Year: 2019
Annual Revenue: US$5 Million-US$10 Million
Total Employees: 10-50 People

Company Information

Sale/Service Area: 16 Countries/Regions
Business License: Audited
Main Products:

Rustic Tiles, Polished Glazed Tiles, Wood Finish Tiles

Company Profile

Zhuhai Sirkap Ceramics Co., LtdWe are a high standard modern enterprise specializing in production and distribution of different styles of tiles. The main four categories are Rustic tiles ,Polished tiles ,Wood tile and Glass Mosaic. The production bases are relatively located in GAOYAO GUANGDONG and TENGXIAN GUANGXI. The factories own the most advanced equipment, automatic tile production line and powerful Research and Development departments. Daily production reaches to 860000 SQM per day. R&D and QC department apply strict examination system from the formation of the adobes to the final tiles. All products follow international quality management and assurance system and pass ISO - 9001: 2008 and ISO - 14001:2015. Having been producing polished tiles since 1999, absolute professionalism and focus ensures large scale production volume and stocks and contribute to the clients in fast delivery at a most competitive price. It offers tailor made service and capable of bringing the designs that customers need. Years of experience has armed Sirkap Ceramics with the edge-cutting information and resources within the building material industry. More professionals are joining SIRKAP CERAMICS team to work both online and offline. It is still expanding and introducing more product lines to meet the needs of clients.ZhuHai Sirkap Ceramics is willing to be at your best service. Welcome to meet you.

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