Two New Design Services Are Online Now!

We are glad to announce that Glass Curtain Wall Design and Steel Structure Design services are now online. Therefore, plus the existing Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Design types, BuildMost is offering total of five types of design services. Project owners and developers can now enjoy five types of design services. For designers, you can get more design business opportunities on BuildMost with now five design services online.

For Project Owners and Developers

What Benefits Can You Get?

For project owners and developers with projects that need glass curtain wall or steel structure design service, you can post design requirements on BuildMost. With over 10,000 professional designers, you can select the best designer on BulidMost to meet your design service demands.

How to Find Glass Curtain Wall or Steel Structure Designers?

1.Post Requirements on BuildMost to Get Designers Contact You

You can post a design requirement on BuildMost and when designers see your requirement they will contact you directly. It will help you match a suitable designer faster if you describe your design demands in detail, such as design service type, project location, project scale, design description, etc. 


<How to Get Designers to Contact You>

2. Browse Through Designers and Contact Them

You can browse through designers in the steel structure or glass curtain wall service section and when you find a designer that interests you. You can contact the designer directly. 


<How to Contact Suitable Designers>

For Designers

What Benefits Can You Get?

As design service needs grow, BuildMost is dedicated to providing more design services for project owners and developers. BuildMost needs you!

With more than 200,000 global buyers on BuildMost, showcase your related design cases on BuildMost and get access to more project owners, builders and developers. Expand your business by starting to upload glass curtain wall and steel structure design works on BuildMost!

How to Get Glass Curtain Wall or Steel Structure Design Opportunities?

1.Complete Main Information and Upload Design Works Then Wait for Inquires

To get Glass Curtain Wall or Steel Structure Design Opportunities, you don’t need to apply for an extra account, just need to complete your main information about Glass Curtain Wall or Steel Structure design, and upon approval upload at least three design works, which would help you get clients’ trust in a short time.


<How to Complete Main Information>


<How to Upload  A Design Work>

2.Browse Through Design Requirements and Contact Your Clients

You can browse through design requirements sections on BuildMost that are posted by project owners and developers. When you see a design requirement that you can offer great service, you can submit your design intent and start from there!


BuildMost is continuously growing with many services launched and many on the way. So project owners and developers can enjoy more design services. For designers, you can expand your business on BuildMost. So stay focused on BuildMost and grow with BuildMost.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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