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Morris is a designer from Kenya, and also a part-time designer on BuildMost. He learned about BuildMost from his friend Daniel, who is also a designer. When Morris learned about BuildMost's concept, he decided to join right away and become a BuildMost promoter like Daniel. 

Morris had great achievements as a part-time designer on BuildMost. This position allows him to not only earn money but also to assist new designers in joining BuildMost and get new business opportunities. 
Morris invited a total of 222 designers to join BuildMost, with over 70 designers having completed their personal information and 58 having uploaded design works.  


I'm sure you're wondering why Morris and so many other designers chose to join BuildMost. So, we've got an interview with Morris; let's see what he thinks about BuildMost and what the secret to success on BuildMost is.

Appreciation of BuildMost

Before you accomplish anything, you need first gain a thorough comprehension of it. It is unquestionably the beginning of success. Morris expressed his thoughts on BuildMost in the following way. 

My understanding about BuildMost- BuildMost is an online global platform that deals with the sale of construction materials and products; and also strategically connects designers (architects, interior designers and landscape planners) with developers/clients from all parts of the globe. 

The value of BuildMost now and going into the future- Designers have had a big challenge in the past of lack of an online platform whereby they can showcase and market their design work to the international market/developers. 
The development of BuildMost is timely and good news to designers, as now designers from any part of the globe can showcase their design abilities and compete with the rest of the designers at an international level and standards. 
BuildMost is unique in the sense that it does not only connect designers with developers and clients; but also bring on board suppliers of the construction materials and products. 
This connectivity of all the service providers in the construction industry at the international level is a great advantage of the company. This advantage is what will catapult the company to a greater height in future, as far as the construction industry and design world are concerned.

Some of Morris's keys to success

There's no denying that knowing the keys will make a lot of things easier. Morris offered some of his essential strategies for success on the job, which you might find useful.

1. My understanding of BuildMost 

Having known what BuilldMost is all about, has helped me to handle every question and clear every doubt from the designers that I reach out to. 
And because BuildMost is addressing their need/challenge of lack of an online platform to showcase their designs in the international market they easily get convinced that BuildMost has come now for their benefit. 
Therefore, a complete and clear understanding of what BuildMost is all about is key to persuading designers to register.

2. Being consistent in inviting designers 
I suppose one of the secrets in this job is making a resolve to be inviting designers daily, being not concerned about whether they are joining or not, as this may bring discouragement if one finds out he has been inviting designers and none or few have joined. 
This personal resolve of inviting designers daily and consistently has been one of my keys to success.

3. The way I approach designers when inviting them 
I approach designers in a friendly and confident way-in a way to clear every doubt that I could be another online scammer. 
I believe also this friendly, confident way of approaching designers has been key to my success in this job.

How to overcome difficulties

You may face a variety of challenges while performing this task. Morris demonstrates some of the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, it may be of use to you.


1. Rejection and being suspected of being another online scammer by some potential designers that I reach out to. 
2. Being told sometimes ‘I am not interested in some potential designers. This statement can kill the motivation of anyone and bring in discouragement to continue. Personally, I have felt discouraged at some point because of such responses from designers that I invite to join.

▲How to overcome these challenges 

1. As  I  had mentioned earlier one of my keys to success in this job is consistency, this personal resolve to be inviting designers every day no matter what difficulty, has helped me to always be above any discouragement. The result of my consistency is persistence and persistence always bears fruits, you know. 
2. Also persistence in the relation to reaching out to designers I have invited in the past and rejected my offer;  again and again. Selling and marketing BuildMost is my business, and so I keep on inviting designers no matter what; whether they reject me or not, I just focus on my business.

To summarize, Morris believes that the secret to success is to be optimistic at all times, to stay focused on the business of marketing BuildMost regardless of the challenges, and to make a personal commitment to consistently invite designers. Anyone can succeed in this job if they do it this way. 

Morris's blessing

I appreciate the company for creating a platform where I can showcase my design abilities and works to the international market.

I appreciate BuildMost for coming up with this wonderful platform through which I get access to design opportunities from around the globe, to earn some money as well as grow my design career. 
I would also encourage BuildMost to stick to their vision no matter what obstacles they face. With my sincere hope that this new company will quickly establish itself and become well-known in the international market area, particularly in the building and design sectors, where it will have a significant impact.

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