Canton Fair: how to find building materials effectively

As we have known that the 127th canton fair will be held online from June 15th - 24th 2020. However, the online fair has not 3 phrases as before, it will be held once within just 10 days together. When comes to such a hasty and crowed exhibition, it’s a good idea to source the specific products from relevant platform, rather than look for a needle in the haystack.

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(Picture from Twitter @Canton Fair)

As to building materials, BuildMost is a good choice. Why? Let’s see what BuildMost has prepared for you.

As you can see on the top menu of BuildMost from June 1st to June 30th 2020, there is the special page of “The 127th Canton Fair”. In order to make it easy for buyers to find the products, the page has been divided into 4 parts: new arrivals, recommended products, recommended product suppliers and recommended design service providers.

The first part is “New Arrivals”, that shows those new designed products of suppliers. But only those selected products can be displayed on this part. And you can find more new arrivals by clicking the arrows of page’s edge. Those daily renewed products can be your reference of the industry trends.

The second part - “Recommended Products” will display the hot-sale products of 11 main categories of building materials. It’s a shortcut for selecting the most popular products for your market or project. You also can click the button above the page to choose different categories, and then check the details of products that you are interested in. 

The third part is “Recommended Product Suppliers”, where you can find some quality suppliers who with a good reputation. After audited by BuildMost platform, those suppliers are completely reliable for your business. You can directly source from them if their products exactly are what you need.

The fourth part is “Recommended Design Service Providers”, that is the unique function of BuildMost. On the platform, not only millions of products, but also design service (both architectural and interior) can be found.

In addition, there are LCL, logistic inquiring and project consulting service available on BuildMost. That will provide a worry-free service for your purchase. If you need those additional services, just click the “customer service” and ask for it.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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