Princes' Choice at The Big 5, Why BuildMost?

The Big5 exhibition has closed. Our platform (BuildMost) has made a great progress in the exhibition period.

We have met lots of clients, such as developers, owners, constructors, designers and dealers at the fair. More than 1,000 visitors have register to become our members.

 buildmost at the big 5 event.jpg

The exhibition of the Big5

Why Buildmost?

They choose BuildMost because BuildMost could help them get building materials.

BuildMost already has more than 5,000 factory suppliers of building materials and the number is still increasing.

If you need these several products, you can easily find them in the platform.

What’s more, even you can’t find the products from Buildmost in a short time, don’t worried, you can post your demands on “Finding Requirement”, their staff will manually help you find it.

buildmost clients.jpg 

BuildMost's clients of different indentities

Here are some cases in the exhibition:

1.       Firstly, a Finland client, who needed nearly everything for decorating her apartment. Surprisingly, she can find all of the products from BuildMost. It’s unnecessary for her to deal with thousands of e-mail any more.

2.       Secondly, BuildMost has helped a Kuwait client to decorate his house. His house is too small to get design easily. However, there were some designers to contact him after few hours he posted his demands on BuildMost. Then he can select a proper designer according to his demand.

3.       Thirdly, for suppliers, BuildMost provide a better way of getting clients. Because of that, an India supplier, Harish, recommended BuildMost to all of his friends. “We can sell our products to all over the world with your platform”, Harish said so.

4.       And the prince, his 4 villas are waiting for decorating. He chose BuildMost one-stop service to free him from the boring process of decorating. And he was also amazed by our other functions such as: 3D design, panorama showcase and inquiry response.

Not only products and design services, but also other relevant services for furnishing and building can be found on BuildMost.

 buildmost with prince.jpg

BuildMost with a prince

In conclusion, the powerful and practical functions are the answers for why they chose BuildMost. 

And now, you can experience all those functions yourself. To join us, you can visit, or get our app from Android-google play.jpg/iOS-app store.jpg 

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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