BuildMost | We Are Adding Structural Engineer and Your Benefit Is Increased

Dear Design Service Providers,

Thanks for your support and suggestions for BuildMost. We are now pleased to announce that we’ve introduced Structural Engineer to BuildMost.

We understand structural engineers play an important role in building construction because they ensure the safety of all kinds of buildings and their work is directly associated with the structural integrity of a building. BuildMost want to provide more complete and professional services to all our users, as well as to help designers connect with project owners and developers more efficiently. That’s why we launch this new feature.

We hope that more and more design service providers will join BuildMost to make it even stronger.

Here's a brief overview of the feature and the benefits you'll get from this update.


1. How to Start As a Structural Engineer on BuildMost

① Register as a Structural Engineer: All you need to do is to simply follow the steps below.

A. Click Free Register on BuildMost homepage:

B. Select the identity as a design service provider and select the business type as Structural Engineer.

C. Click Next Page to select the design service(s) you specialize in.

D. Fill in your contact information and read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you tick. Click Submit to complete registration.

Our professional team will finish the audition within 24 hours.

Below are some pictures of the first two steps to guide you through the main process of registration.



② Fill in the information: In User Center, click “Designer Main Information”. Choose the Design Service Type: Architectural Construction Drawings - Structural Construction. After you finish the required information, especially Design Standards and Photo of Engineering Design Qualification Certificate, click Submit to complete.

If you have any project experience that includes two or three of the design service types, you can select multiple options.

Please check the pictures below for your guidance on the main process.


(Multiple choices available here)


(Please choose the Design Standard and upload Photo of Design Qualification Certificate)

③ Upload your design works: After finishing the necessary information, upload your design works of Architectural Construction Drawings - Structural Construction. Then click Submit. Finally, click Confirm to complete.

Our professional team will finish the audition within 24 hours. You can now find matching design opportunities on BuildMost as a structural engineer.

Please check the picture below for your reference.



2. How You Can Benefit from This New Feature

If there is a structural engineer in your company, or you’re a structural engineer yourself, completing the “Designer Main Information” and uploading additional design works can showcase your extensive project experience and capabilities. At the same time, BuildMost will display excellent design works to increase your (company’s) visibility. Both ways will eventually bring you more design opportunities on BuildMost.

We truly believe a designer’s success is BuildMost’s success. If you have any questions about BuildMost, how to join BuildMost, how to use BuildMost to explore more design opportunities, or how you can invite other designers to join BuildMost, you can contact BuildMost support for help:

BuildMost Operation Center
Mobile phone: 0086 18938965661 (WhatsApp no./Wechat no.)

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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