For Project Owners and Developers: How Designers on BuildMost Help Achieve Your Goal

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4 steps to realize your project goals: Post Your Design Requirements on BuildMost -- Connect with the Designers and Talk About Your Project -- Choose the Right designer -- Follow up or Finish of Your Project

1. Post Your Design Requirements On BuildMost:

To start with, you just need to post your design requirements. You can rest assured that the contact information and design works of designers on BuildMost are authentic and verified by our helpful and professional team.

2.1 What do Designers do: Provide Right Self-introduction

Designers on BuildMost will know your requirements before they contact you. After our manual audition, they will get your contact information. They will treat you like a friend and give a brief introduction of where they found this project, and tell you their specialization. This would be a good and direct opening and you won't feel offended.

Here’s an example of how they normally give a neat self-introduction: “Hi, this is XX, I’m an interior designer in XX. I saw your design requirement on BuildMost and submitted an intent to design for your project, and eventually got your contact information. I’m an interior designer that specializes in modernism/European style. May I ask if you have a project that needs interior design? Hope that we can further discuss the detail of the project to see if we can cooperate. Thanks.”


Screenshot of Actual Designer Making the Very First Contact


2.2 What do Designers do: Talk about Their Understanding of the Said Project

After the introduction, designers would possibly talk about what they saw in your design requirement and delve deeper into the project. You can always feel that they are professional and well-prepared.


Screenshot of Actual Designer Connecting with a Project Owner


2.3 What do Designers do: Show Their Suitable Design Works  

There are usually 5-15 designers talking to you about your project and they might be doing the same as the above after you posted a design requirement on BuildMost. So, you can choose one or two of these designers to talk about your project in more details. Of course, we understand you want to have the one with the same project experience. So at this time, you can ask the candidate designer(s) send you the design works that fit the said project (In most cases, they’ll do it on their own initiative). You can decide which ones design work is more comparable to the project. For example, if a designer can show a design work that is similar to your project in scale, style, functional sub-areas, and general layout, then he or she is possibly the one you should choose.


Screenshot of Actual Designer Sending Design Works to a Project Owner


3.1 How to Pick the Right Designer: Verify their Professionalism by Asking the Right Questions

Cooperating on a project is a two-way street between you and the designer. Asking the right questions can help you decide if you want this designer for your project.

We understand that projects within your budget are critical to you. So to meet your budget, you can seek their advice on how they can help you achieve the goals of the project. Providing more information about your project and asking for a detailed proposal for design services is one way to do this. For example, you can provide the information below: how the architectural drawings look, how many units the project contains, how many functional sub-areas there are, what are your personal preferences for style is, and what kind of products you specifically want. Then you can ask for specific design advice based on the information given and see how the designer can help you achieve all these goals.


Screenshot of Actual Designer Asking Project-Specific Question


Screenshot of Actual Designer Asking the Functional Sub-areas


Screenshot of Actual Designer Asking the Due Time and Budget Details

3.2 How to Pick the Right Designer: Take the Right Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is enormously important if you want to finish your project. Below is an instance of how a proper, service-specific pricing strategy would be of great help. Usually, designers may set 2 rates for your project. A tailored made pricing strategy is offering you more options and meets more needs, which would be more likely to help you reach an agreement with the designer. They will set a rate for a lower price with its respective renderings, due time information, and included services. And also a higher price with its respective detailed renderings, due time information, and included services. You can see the differences between the lower priced design and higher priced design by the degree of design refinement, due time, style, etc. Then you can take a think twice, and decide which one to choose.


Screenshots of Actual Designer Exchanging with a Project Owner About Budget and Rate

4. How do Designers do Follow-up Work When You need to reconsider

After all these talks, it’s possible that the design works still can’t hit the sweetest spot of your project. That's why it's important for designers to follow up consistently. They might send new unsent design works that fit the project well. Or you can ask for detailed project design suggestions so that you can discover the candidate designer’s greatest expertise and choose their design. If you’re interested, you may keep in touch with the candidate designer every two days .


5. Summary

Finding an ideal designer for your project is not easy, but the designers will find ways to make things easier. Keep in touch with the candidate designers and compare the differences between them, also between your expectations and the actual results you may foresee, and choose the best designer for your project.

Maybe you have more design requirements or other project-related products on BuildMost. BuildMost will keep helping you find more potential design service providers and product suppliers, and help you broaden your business! Stay tuned for more!

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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