Good News! Two New Design Services are Coming.

We are glad to announce that BuildMost will be launching Glass Curtain Wall Design and Steel Structure Design in the Middle of May, in addition to the existing architectural design, interior design, and landscape design. BuildMost is going to offer a total of 5 design service types.

Our purpose to launch glass curtain wall and steel structure design services is to meet more users' demands. On one hand, designers can find more business oppotunities here, on the other hand, project owners can seek more design service types on BuildMost.

For Project Owners and Developers

We are so excited that BuildMost is going to offer more and more design service types for you. For project owners and developers, if you have projects need glass curtain wall or steel structure design service, you can stay focused on BuildMost. When the two new design service types are launched, you can come to BuildMost to send design inquiries or to find designers that suit you best! A lot more service types are coming to you, stay tuned!

For Designers

With the development of BuildMost, more and more project owners and developers are coming to BuildMost to seek different quality design services. Over 100,000 buyers are active on BuildMost! We are asking you to expand your business if you can offer Glass Curtain Wall or Steel Structure Design Service.

About Glass Curtain Wall Design

Glass curtain wall design can be seen in shopping malls, office buildings, and super high-rise buildings, etc. Glass curtain wall design is professional in that it takes into account multiple factors like wind resistance, fire-proofing, temperature, past records of earthquakes. Project owners and developers are the most common kinds of groups that are in want of glass curtain wall design service.


<Photos about glass curtain wall building>

About Steel Structure Design

The Steel Structure design is widely used in structures of houses, factories, warehouses, stadiums, airports, tall buildings, and commercial centers. Steel structure design is the calibrated design that helps form a system for supporting loads and resisting moments. Project owners and developers are the most common kinds of groups that are in want of steel structure design service. Another service type, another design opportunity.


<Photos about steel structure building>

We would be honored to have your reply to let us know if you can offer glass curtain wall or steel structure design service. You can become the first designer to launch Glass Curtain Wall Design or Steel Structure Design service on BuildMost!

BuildMost will continue to launch new design service types to satisfy user's needs. With more than 100,000 buyers and 10,000 designers, BuildMost is becoming bigger than ever. So stay tuned for a lot more.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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