New version of BuildMost, better service, better experience

You may have noticed some changes of the BuildMost’s homepage, which are renewals of the platform. It’s believed that these updates could provide better services for you all. Do you have any idea about what’s new? If you don’t, the following contents may do some help.

New version of BuildMost


1.    Easy-to-find category list

Before this update, some of you may don’t know where to find the product categories. But it’s not a problem anymore; you will see the category list when you mouse over the blue block of the main menu.

2.    News block on the main menu

There is a news block on the main menu, and you may ask “what is it for?” In this block, different new information can be found daily, such as: new products, recommended suppliers, industry news, new functions or tips of BuildMost and so on.

3.    Exchange rate converter

In international trade, knowing the real-time exchange rate is important for both buyer and supplier. After this update, user could get the latest rate by the exchange rate converter on the left of homepage.

4.    Clearer description of requirement

From now on, users could know more information of the requirement before entering the detailed page of it. The requirement list shows category, quantity, multi-products info and so on when you mouse over each requirement.

5.    New arrivals update every day

BuildMost will update new products every day, which allows users to keep an eye on the latest product and the industry trends. Don’t forget to check “New Arrivals” on the homepage.

6.    Suppliers recommending

After strict auditing, the high-quality suppliers will be recommended on the homepage of BuildMost. It’s beneficial for both supplier and buyers. As to supplier, to complete the information of company would get more chances to be recommended.

7.    Suppliers’ main products displaying

It will show supplier’s main products on the bottom of the recommended suppliers’ showcase. Knowing what the supplier is good at will be helpful for buyers to get ideal suppliers efficiently.

8.    Optimize the display of products

This is a benefit for suppliers, as BuildMost will help them to optimize their product showcase. That enables suppliers to get more attentions from buyers.

9.    Shortcut of get BuildMost app

On the bottom of the homepage, there is a quick link of getting BuildMost app. If you think BuildMost is useful for your business, getting the app is a better choice for your convenience. After download it, don’t forget to give us a “five stars”.

10.   Follow our official medium

To know us better, you could follow our Wechat, Facebook or Twitter by the link on the bottom of homepage. From those official medium, you could get the latest information of BuildMost.

New version, New functions, come and experience it yourself!

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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