Happy Spring Festival! Wish you a good fortune.

On the joyful Lunar New Year, from the entire team of BuildMost, we’d say “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (may you a good fortune) and “Wan Shi Ru Yi” (everything happen as your wish) to you all.

Lunar New Year is the grandest festival in China; it is also called as 'Spring Festival', because its date is around the 'Beginning of Spring' in Chinese calendar. And how Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival?


Time for Family Reunion

Just like Christmas in Western countries, Chinese New Year is a time with family, chatting, drinking, cooking, and enjoying a hearty meal together.

Family reunion is the most important topic in Spring Festival. No matter how far or how long they had left from home, Chinese will try every effort to make a way home. Even it isn’t an easy task for them.

Because in the few days before the festival, millions of people who out of hometown are hurry home to unite with families.

That formed the largest human migration on earth, and that is so-called “Chunyun” or “Spring Festival Travel Rush”. Pay much attention to the traffic situation if you come to China at that time.


Celebration of Spring Festival

The member of family is going to carry out a thorough clean of the house before the festival, to make sure the house is rid of the old year's dust, saying good-bye to the past year.

Then decorated house with the symbolize joyous color, bright Red: – red lanterns, Chinese knots, Spring couplets, 'Fu' character pictures, red window paper-cuts and other red elements of Spring festival, to welcome the coming new year.

There are also many special foods for the festival to bring a good blessing. Such as: “dumplings for good fortune; fish for rich; rice balls means family reunion; spring rolls as a fresh start and so on. Except getting the good blessing, those foods are also delicious for tasting.

Red lantern

Red packets and visit relatives

A red envelop with some cash, that’s so-called “lucky money” or “red packets”. The red packets are usually presented by parents and grandparents to children during Chinese New Year, wrapped in red packets is the hope of well growth. The young will give red packet to elders to wish them heath and show respect as well. Giving red packets probably is one of the most recognized traditions at Spring Festival.

Visiting relatives is another activity during Spring Festival. People bring gifts to visit relatives’ home for chatting, having dinner together, sometimes playing mahjong or card. That’s a tradition to keep the relationship with each other. Stop visiting someone’s home at Spring Festival usually means an end of the relationship with him.

Red packets

Now, have you known a little about Chinese New Year? Don’t forget to wish your Chinese friend well at that time. By the way, during the spring festival, BuildMost is still on service, you can enjoy our service freely.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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