BuildMost live show:warm welcome by Canton Fair visitors

In 2020, the Canton Fair is held online for the first time. As a famous exhibition for international trade of China, Canton Fair has served for global visitors twice for every year, but this is the first time it is held online. In order to provide a more interactive exhibition for visitors, Canton Fair allows exhibitors to display products by live show. BuildMost also made a show for visitors. Have you visited us? What you can get from it?

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Full recognition of BuildMost

When hearing the word: BuildMost, many of you will ask: what is that; what BuildMost can do for you and how can you use it. The live show will give you a vivid answer. You may have read lots of our article about the introduction, usage and tips of BuildMost. But it’s the first time you can have a clear recognition of BuildMost by watch the show. Different from the article full of boring words, the live show will offer you a vivid presentation. Along with the platform and app display on the screen, the anchors could give you a clear presentation. You can ask question to interact with the anchors, they will give answer you with their professional knowledge.

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Professional design tool

BuildMost not only can help global buyer to source quality products, but also design services – for both architectural and interior design. There are hundreds of design providers on BuildMost, covering different specialities, style and price from different countries. Besides, we specially introduced Aihouse - a 3D cloud design tool provider to you all. With the Aihouse design tool, designer could make a design drawing quickly, maybe 5 minutes is enough for a skilled hand. It’s pretty easy for application. How easy it can be? Even a man without any design skill could make a design drawing for his own. To learn more you can watch our live show or the replay.

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Gifts of money and design tool

In order to make the live show more interesting, BuildMost has prepared some gifts for you all. Cash money: every visitor can get lucky money from BuildMost by joining our wechat group. You can scan the QR code that showed in the live show to join the group. In return, we will be appreciated if you give us your advices for BuildMost.

The paid-up Aihouse account: access for the mentioned 3D cloud design tool. To use the design tool, you have to own an account, and the account is cost. However, you can get the account for free by the lucky draw of BuildMost. Anyone who registered to become our user during the live show could join the lucky draw, and have a chance you get the account.

Have you ever watch the live show of BuildMost? Did you get the lucky money or lucky draw? If you didn’t, you can watch our show or replay at here.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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