127 Canton Fair: Welcome to the sale promotion of BuildMost

The Sale Promotion of BuildMost for 127th Canton Fair has started on June 1st, and it provides an online method for you, to source global products of furnishing and building at home. If you are involved in the industry, you can get what you need from here. The products of the event cover all of the categories of building materials, such as: walls, flooring, tiles, stones, bathroom, door, windows and curtains. In addition, there are other benefits you can get from it:

More cost-effective products

Exactly, there are numerous quality products on BuildMost, but the real attractive point is that each product you going to buy is sold from factory directly, without any additional fees that charged by the platform. That means the price is as equal as the factory standard. Besides, the suppliers who participate in the event will give a discount for the promotion. So you can get those products with a price lower than before.

additional services

Additional services available

Sourcing products is not all of the sale promotion, and there are other services you can enjoy for your business:

Worry-free LCL service

When purchasing products respectively from different suppliers, you can enjoy LCL service on BuildMost.

Logistic service

Cooperating with shipping companies and forwarders, BuildMost provides you cost-effective delivery service.

Architectural/interior design

If you need design service for a house or project, you can get both architectural and interior design from BuildMost.

Project consulting service

With the experience of served over 80,000 projects, BuildMost team could provide practical project consultation for you.

Other choice than Canton Fair

As we all know, the 127th Canton Fair will be held online. What it could be? Will it be a short-term trade platform just like BuildMost? The sale promotion could be a reference for you. Meanwhile, you can preview the 127th online Canton Fair for the part of furnishing and building materials. What’s new and what’s popular for the trend. But the most important is that there are numerous products other than those at Canton Fair. The sale promotion is supplement for Canton Fair, even can be a replacement for it.

Now, the sale promotion is ongoing on BuildMost, click here to join us.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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