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As an O2O global platform to find ideal building materials & equipment, furnishings, and design services, BuildMost is an excellent place for global buyers like homeowners, project owners, and developers.

BuildMost is recognized by 250,000 global buyers from over 200 countries and regions already: Every month, global buyers post 500+ design inquiries and 2,000+ product inquiries on BuildMost.

BuildMost believes that fast, thorough, and strict verification of all inquiries will benefit global buyers, design service providers, and product suppliers a lot. We want to build that virtuous circles that will keep BuildMost community growing.  

That is why it is so important we maintain high standards on verifying for design and product inquiries on BuildMost.

This is time and energy well spent.

BuildMost: One of the Industry Leading Communities for Building Materials & Equipment, Furnishings, and Design Services

000.png Verified in 24 Hours

The product and design inquiry on BuildMost will be manually verified by BuildMost support normally in 24 hours. BuildMost makes sure that designers and product suppliers can get access to the global latest inquiries. 

000.png Manual Verification

BuildMost support will manually verify each one of the inquiries. Inquiries WILL NOT APPEAR on BuildMost’s “Find Requirements” right after buyers post them. Inquiries will have to go through manual verification to ensure no important information is left unattended before inquiries can be seen on BuildMost.

 000.png Strict Verification

BuildMost executes high standards to verify all the inquiries on BuildMost. For design requirements, BuildMost will confirm what design service type, project type, project location, project scale, project grade (1-6 Star), and other design requirements (in the description of design inquiries). BuildMost will also confirm if the project owner would prefer local quotes and their preferred communication language (both written and spoken).

For product requirements, BuildMost support will confirm the required product, the terms of payment, the purpose of this purchase, the required quantity, and other requirements (in the description of product inquiries).

For both product and design inquiries on BuildMost, BuildMost support will verify global buyers’ information (phone calls, video calls, and other necessary measures), to ensure requirements for products and design services on BuildMost are genuine and authentic.

We know how important inquiries are for design service providers and product suppliers on BuildMost, so we take preventing fraudulent and fake inquiries from appearing on BuildMost as our top priority.

000.png Follow-up Support

BuildMost’s verification is just the upfront part. BuildMost support will do follow-ups on inquiries to see if all the inquiries that were previously verified by BuildMost support have made successful connections. BuildMost support will continue to provide the necessary support.

This is all to help global buyers connect faster with global designers and product suppliers, and in return, designers and product suppliers can explore global opportunities better, faster, and easier.

BuildMost is constantly striving to build a healthy community in the building materials & equipment, furnishings, and design services industry. Ultimately, BuildMost becomes a community where global buyers can find ideal solutions for products and design services. While designers and product suppliers can easily connect with global buyers for more global opportunities.

If you have any questions about BuildMost, about how you can join BuildMost right away, or have any questions on how to improve BuildMost platform and services, you can contact us:

Best regards,

BuildMost Operation Center

Mobile phone: +86 18926509078 (WhatsApp no./Wechat no.)


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