How to Choose the Right Lighting for Different Hotel Areas

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Lighting is more than just a way to light up a space.

Expertly placed lighting creates another layer to a space, bringing an interior design project to life.

This has never been more true for hotel lighting. Hotel light is perhaps one of the most important elements in hotel interior design. If you enter a room finished with inviting & friendly light and you’ll most likely feel cozy at home, which is a goal many hotels have been longing to achieve. 

The lighting of a hotel includes natural and artificial lighting, outdoor and indoor. Nevertheless, they are mainly responsible for these functions:


Aesthetics & Mood: A neon-lighted billboard of the hotel logo will be perfectly recognizable as a brand for its more adventure-spirited customers. A rattan-woven chandelier will be the perfect complementary piece to your BOHO interior.


Functions: White, bright lights (3500K to 4100K) in a place like a bathroom aim to capture your skin, hair, and outfits in detail and make you see these details more clearly, while softer lighting (2200K to 2700K) in the bedroom can create a calming atmosphere to help with sleep.

Energy Efficiency: Different lights consumes different amount of energy. Chandeliers in the hotel lobby are definitely more energy-consuming while choosing LED lights might save you a lot in the electricity bill.


Hotel lighting affects the staying experience.

Good decorative lighting gives you the power to convert a hotel to a boutique one with great charm.


A lobby with warm color temperature lighting will instantly make the staying guests feel relaxed. You can choose to illuminate the reception desk with a dominant light, signaling this hotel might be a business one. Lobby lighting helps the guests identify what type of hotel they are staying in.



For the corridors, the light must be functional to identify the path to different rooms. Lights to illuminate well the room plates, the stairs, and access to elevators are of huge importance. 

Also, good ceiling lighting and wall light shielding can strategically make the corridor look higher and more spacious.


Making the staying guests feel at home is a goal many hotel managers always want to achieve, it will be necessary to use warm-colored lighting (from 2700K to 3000K) in the bedroom. Placing wall lamps above the bedside tables to create warm tones around the bed is a nice choice. 

Small reading lights might be old-fashioned, but it is handy when the guests want to read something but don't want to do it with the floor lamp switched on. This is directional, yet soft lighting in the room.

The light must take on a more practical but flexible role for the fact that each of us perceives light differently. It will be necessary to offer the possibility to adjust it according to your needs.


When deciding how much lighting you need in your shower or bathroom, consider adding at least one overhead light in a single shower and two in a double. Some luxury hotel planners even add task lighting in the shower niche to illuminate bath products. So it is highly dependent on your needs.


Bar and restaurant 

Bars and restaurants are where guests can enjoy moments of relaxation. So it is best to create a relaxed space without dazzling lighting.  It is not common to use wall lights, ceiling lights, and pendant lights in hotel bars and restaurants.


For garden lighting, lighting should create paths by installing lamps or other lights that will guide and accompany guests on their walks. Decorative lighting in the garden will also create a nice vibe for the guests.



Correctly placed lighting creates depth and height, cozy spots, and draws attention to a space’s most impressive areas. The balance of light and shade can bring new energy to the interior and exterior of a hotel.

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Courtesy of photos: Pixalbay and Unsplash

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