BuildMost丨HONIDEA Design: Read the Space with Your Body

“We care more about how people, environment, and objects connect. Any space can be read and experienced by your body and the meaning of space lies in how a space nurtures people’s lives.” 


Designer Ben Young, Founder of HONIDEA Design

HONIDEA Design is a design brand founded in Foshan, China. HONIDEA design team’s business scope range from interior design, product design, and creative consultancy for the furniture industry to design education. Thanks to their wide exploration of both design and design education, they have successfully made themselves stand out from the rest.


The projects HONIDEA Design initially undertook were mostly home projects. However, nowadays they take on different “home” projects: design of real estate sales centers and mock-up rooms, furnishing product and space design, and private villa design.

Diligent Pursuit of Perfection Results in Fruitful Outcomes

HONIDEA Design’s multi-field exploration of interior design, product design, and design education has made HONIDEA Design a veteran team with different experiences. They are adept to turn ideas into reality in modern design languages. They promote using your body to read the space and pursue the essence of space as always. HONIDEA Design has been led by minds to change, sustainability, humility, serenity, balance, and uniqueness.

Since its establishment in 2013, HONIDEA Design’s diligent pursuit of perfection has resulted in fruitful outcomes:

In 2017, HONIDEA Design was shortlisted for the AAP American Architecture Prize (The American Architecture Prize) FIRM OF THE YEAR AWARD, the global annual TOP 50 outstanding design agencies.

In 2018, HONIDEA Design won the German Red Dot Design Award for Product Design for the first time and was invited to participate in the 100% Design London Design Week in the UK. Until now, HONIDEA Design has totally won the Red Dot Design Awards for 4 times.

In 2020, Yang Mingbin, the design director of HONIDEA Design, published a professional academic paper, which was included by The Architectural Society of China Institute of Interior Design in the "2020 Interior Design Papers Collection".


Over a decade in the interior design industry, they got recognition from all walks of life. All these encouragements have empowered the team to keep going.

A Bigger Worldwide Platform: BuildMost

HONIDEA Design made their first contact with BuildMost in January 2023 and shortly after that, they became one of 30,000 designers and design companies who joined BuildMost.

BuildMost is a global platform with project owners and developers from over 200 countries and regions with authentic and real design inquiries. BuildMost strives to make designers and their teams easier connect with global project owners and developers.


HONIDEA Design on BuildMost


"Find Requirements" on BuildMost

A Special Design Work from HONIDEA Design

Project "The Power of Tranquility" is a private villa in Foshan, China. The project isn’t of large scale, but the successes of design, product selections, and the landing of the design all are the result of the close cooperation of HONIDEA Design’s different teams.


HONIDEA DESIGN丨Living Room of "The Power of Tranquility"

Yang Mingbin said: "Design is a discipline that exists in a systematic and logical relationship, not just an external form."

HONIDEA Design cares more about how people, the environment, and objects connect. Making spaces compatible with the traffic flow and the special textures of the environment are important factors in HONIDE Design's work. Delicate changes in shades of colors and rich spatial layers can evoke people’s emotions.

"Before we start any projects, we would make in-depth conversations with the project owners and try to find out what the core needs are. We would stop being a "design company" and suddenly become a project owner, hoping we can see things differently. We think this would help us to come up with a real solution quicker."

Designer Yang Mingbin, the design director of HONIDEA Design told us that, a professional designer would have to do great in functional space planning and proportion controlling to be called a pro. However, that is basic. Besides that, he hopes that he can change perspectives when designing to offer a design that solves the project owner’s needs better. Designer Yang Mingbin also said: “Design is a discipline with system and logic, and it is not just how a space externally looks.”


HONIDEA DESIGN丨The Corridor in "The Power of Tranquility"

Professionalism Wins Trust

HONIDEA Design takes communication with clients very seriously. "The success of this project is inseparable from the trust of the project owner. This is crucial." The project owner’s trust has empowered the design team to give a hundred perfect of what the team has to offer.

Project "The Power of Tranquility" has greatly satisfied the project owner, if not highly exceeded his expectation. The details of lighting, choice of colors, and product selections have all been perfected. The full, comprehensive communication between the design team and the construction team has resulted in the successful landing of the design. This is the power of a one-stop design solution.


When it comes to the way of communicating with clients, HONIDEA Design thinks that many of the clients would make some abstract expression of information they collect from social media platforms, like the styles they like, and the furniture they want. The information they have is often diverse, sporadic, and unsystematic. A designer’s job would be to integrate the information from clients to make a satisfactory design.

Designers are professional to decide proportions, textures, and color choices in that they are mostly academically trained with courses and long-term practices. They make well-thought-out decisions in a systematic way. 

In the project "The Power of Tranquility", the owner had a disagreement with the design team over the choice of lighting fixtures. But in the end, the project owner chose to trust the professionalism of the designer and it turns out great.

In the future, HONIDEA Design will continue industrial in design, to delve deep into the essence of space, to design a product that people actually need, and to focus on topics that are closely related to people’s daily life.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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