Designer Ayandele: I'm Super Glad to Get Opportunities on BuildMost

Micheal Ayandele is a landscape Designer and urban planner based in  Nigeria. He joined BuildMost in September 2021 and has invited almost 100 designers to join BuildMost already. His successful inviting of other designers BuildMost lies in his effective follow-up, persuasion, and his confidence in BuildMost. 

Here’s his story with BuildMost.


Designer Micheal Ayandele

How did you find out BuildMost and your experience with it so far?

Micheal Ayandele: I registered on BuildMost immediately as I  discovered it on Facebook. My experience with BuildMost has been so great that I never regret making such a decision. I really appreciate this platform in 4 aspects. 

First, BuildMost has been a great financial blessing and inspiration to me, through which I have been able to discover new design technics and meet new professionals in my field. 

Second, I can also have an access to work opportunities (part-time program) through BuildMost. 

Besides, I believe there are lots of business/design opportunities and benefits that designers like me can get from BuildMost. I will be glad and bold to recommend BuildMost to designers around the world. 

Last but not least, I really appreciate the management of BuildMost for creating such a remarkable community.


How do you invite designers to BuildMost? Would you please share with us your methods and secrets of success?

Micheal Ayandele: I have invited over 80 designers to BuildMost. I think the key is effective follow-up and persuasion. I ensure I do enough follow-up to persuade designers to complete their information so that they can get to submit design intents and gain design opportunities on BuildMost.

Did you encounter any difficulties? If yes, how did you deal with them?

Micheal Ayandele: Some designers might claim the joining process includes too many details, or that they are too busy to complete their information. For such designers, we can guide them through by helping them upload their certificates or complete their information.


May I know your way to introduce BuildMost to other designers? Is it mostly online or offline? 

Micheal Ayandele: Mostly offline. When we meet physically, designers respond faster to the registration process.

However, some designers we meet online find it really hard to complete information. As I mentioned, for these designers, I’ll help them with that. On the other hand, I would agree that by completing their information, designers' extensive capability and experience will be shown to clients, which will help them gain business opportunities in return. So designers should know that the completion of information is necessary and important.


Can you say some words or suggestions to other designers who are going to join BuildMost?

Micheal Ayandele: I think designers should be more creative and focus more on sustainable design. 

Also, part-time designers should not relent when they’re inviting other designers. They should do more to give enough follow-up and encouragement for other designers to join the BuildMost family.

What’s your Vision of BuildMost?

Micheal Ayandele:  I think BuildMost should focus more on creating awareness and workshops for designers, and increase per-time designer remuneration for the part-time designer program. 

Furthermore, BuildMost is a core platform for the provision of design services around the globe. I believe it’s gonna be a great avenue to integrate designers and a better platform for designers to get more design opportunities.


Other information about Mr. Ayandele

Mr. Ayandele and his partner.jpg

Designer Ayandele and His Friend

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-10 at 3.26.43 PM.jpeg

Rendering of A Holiday Resort by Critical Scape in Nigeria

Critical Scape is Designer Ayandele’s company, a landscape designing, urban planning, and management company whose aim is to promote the creation of an aesthetic and pleasing environment. Their design style focuses on urban and rural sustainable development and environmental biophilic design. They utilize sustainable urban elements in the creation of their design so as to develop a resilient and pleasing environment. 

We truly believe a designer’s success is BuildMost’s success. If you have any questions about BuildMost, how to join BuildMost, how to use BuildMost to explore more design opportunities, or how you can invite other designers to join BuildMost, you can also contact BuildMost support for help:

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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