The secret of sweet dreams is here! Modern hot-sell solid wood beside table is on promotion!

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When you’re going to sleep, you certainly need a lot of accompanying items! A nightstand is required to keep your glasses, phone, table lamp, alarm clock and book within reach.


In order to meet your purchase needs, we provide 800 European and American hot-sell nightstands with three different colors. You can get the bedside table at a minimum of US$100 now.

Bedside table


Product attribute table

The solid wood bedside table is designed with clean geometry and precise proportions to perfectly match all bedroom styles.

Bedside table


Solid wood in three easy-to-match colors will complement your current bedroom furniture, adding a timeless sophistication to your sleep haven. Our ash wood is high-quality so that your new wood nightstand will be a timeless addition to your bedroom for many years to come.


Bedside table

With two-drawer storage design, you can keep all of your bedtime essentials at your arm’s reach. A sleek surface and drawers maximize space and storage in a delightfully compact design.


This charming modern bedside table will immediately upgrade any bedroom space and style. It was originally $108 but is now only $100, and we only have 800 pieces in stock.


Welcome to contact our supplier for more options of different quality levels at competitive prices and get further recommendations.


Company profile: Zhongshan Old Captain Furniture

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