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When people try to find the perfect backup/extra energy sources for their homes, they are most likely to think of solar energy first - clean and green. Among the most common types of solar panels for solar energy conversion, monocrystalline (mono) solar panels are rated as the most efficient and long-lasting option.

You can select mono solar panels and other products from over 65,000 trusted product suppliers on BuildMost.


Introduction of Mono Solar Panels

Mono solar cells are made from a single crystal of silicon, whose construction is more compact, making them the most efficient and allowing them to take up less space. Also, mono panels come in sleek and mostly black or all-black designs, so that they can fit seamlessly with most roofs.

Mono solar panels can be used for residential properties (especially ideal for homes with limited roof space) as well as commercial ones. Though mono panels are somewhat expensive, their long-term benefits (longest life span, highest efficiency rates, and power output) are worth the investment.


Advantages of mono solar panels:

☆ High efficiency rate of 15% to 22%

☆ Last up to 25 years to even 40 years with proper maintenance

☆ Require fewer panels to perform

☆ Sleek design to blend with most roofs


Find Mono Solar Panels on BuildMost


Here’s the list of mono solar panels among the most popular brands or product suppliers on BuildMost. 


1. 50W Monocrystalline (Mono) Solar Module Solar Panel

Product supplier: Zolyn


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2. Nice Mono 310W Solar Panel

Product supplier: Jiangsu Morel Energy


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3. 330W 340W 350W Mono Solar Panel

Product supplier: Nova Power


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4. Futuresolar PERC Solar Panel Mono 500w

Product supplier: FUTURESOLAR


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5. A grade Shingled Photovoltaic Mono Solar Panel 110w Full Black

Product supplier: Bluesun


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6. Sunket Mono 450W Solar Panel with Good Quality

Product supplier: SUNKET


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Other Types of Solar Panels


If you are a consumer of BuildMost and the price is your biggest concern, mono solar panels may not be your best choice because they can be expensive. You may also search for the other solar panels on BuildMost.


● Polycrystalline (Poly) Solar Panels

Poly solar panels are made from multiple silicon crystals melted together. They are more affordable but less efficient. They provide less power output and require a larger roof space.


● Thin-film solar panels

This type of solar panel is made from amorphous silicon (a-Si), non-crystalline silicon. They are lightweight, flexible, and the least expensive while the least efficient. They are better suited for small-scale places such as sheds, standalone garages, RVs, or other small appliances. 



How to Choose the Solar Panels that Suit You the Best


Before you reach a deal with our product suppliers, you can think about the place you’re going to equip with solar energy generation and consider the cost, and type of solar panels you may need especially the durability and energy efficiency of the solar panels.


More Solar Panels


As the largest producer of solar energy and the largest manufacturer of solar equipment in the world, China accounts for more than 80% of all solar panel production phases. Currently in China, subsidy-free solar power is even cheaper than coal.


Now with the help of BuildMost which has the best-in-class solar panel and inverter brands and manufacturers online, you can have more cost-effective, reliable, and easy solar options panel, equipment, and accessory options.


If you are interested in more Solar Energy Power Generation and solar products on BuildMost, simply click the link below to view more.

Solar Energy Power Generation on BuildMost


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