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Reference:Chinadaily | Updated:11 Sept 2020

Birthdays over the last several years were marked with parties and nights out, worries about getting "too old", and I simply "not being bothered" anymore. I had to persuade myself against making efforts to celebrate my birthday.

This year, however, as I turned 35 at the end of July-as you can see, I don't believe in keeping my age a secret-I decided to pamper myself with something smarter that can make me feel younger.

Here is my birthday story. You'll probably agree with what I'm going to share now.

A pre-configured alarm on the clock of my newly purchased smart speaker Tmall Genie woke me up with a melodious birthday song. Then: "Happy birthday Wei," it said.

The female voice of the digital assistant offered me the latest weather report, traffic conditions on the route to my office, and even recommendations on the dress I should wear.

I stepped into the kitchen. Lights turned on automatically as a sensor detected my body movement. "Get me a cappuccino, please," I told my smart coffee machine, a pillar of my "intelligent home" configuration.

I savored the hot, tasty, stimulating beverage while browsing my favorite shopping app on my smartphone. A "Guess you like" column on the screen automatically recommended everything that I hold dear.

"Which size of this pair of pink-laced shoes would you recommend for me?" I asked the robot service. "Please take 38," it responded in real time.

With a few taps on the dashboard, I set the rice cooker on scheduled time before leaving the house. The smart lock that I installed just weeks ago uses voice and iris recognition. It saved me the trouble of carrying the keys around.

I used the phone's Bluetooth connection to unlock my newly purchased Tesla Model 3, the electric sedan with autopilot driving assistance-a birthday present for myself.

Its interior is most "radical"-dominated by the giant touchscreen, and literally nothing else. No buttons or switches, no gauges in front of the driver, or not even a speed read out. It's all on the screen, which serves as the main control panel.

Well, I received this big electronic gig as my birthday present.

My birthday wish, you can figure by now, is to stay mobile and forward-looking.

At 35, I suspect I am growing wiser. Artificial intelligence, when applied well by tech companies, and used smartly by consumers, can enhance life indeed.

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