The trend of marble, granite and other stones in 2020

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When it comes to countertops, the durability and elegance of materials like granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble are hard to beat. In 2020, these surfaces are finding new ways to wow--and not just in the kitchen.

Here are the top trends that we can expect with natural and artificial stone in this year.

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1. Quartz Kitchens

You can expect to see quartz in more kitchens this year and beyond. This durable, non-porous material continues to gain popularity as manufacturers expand its range of colors and patterns. In 2020, we’ll see quartz countertops move away from solid colors toward an increase in slabs that mimic the look of natural stone, particularly marble.

2. Patterns and Lines That Draw the Eye

Designers are incorporating wood and stone into residential and commercial spaces to lend a calming, organic vibe. This year, natural stone’s visual interest is taking center stage in contemporary homes. People are seeking out slabs with patterns, veining and textures. We’ll see more color variations in the veins of marble and quartz, including blue, green, and rose tones. The demand for black stone with stark veining is also growing.

3. Natural Stone with a Subtle, Earthy Finish

Matte and leathered finishes are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to a shiny, polished finish. A matte finish gives stone an incredibly satin surface. To achieve a leathered look, a matte slab is finished with an abrasive, diamond-tipped brush. Whether your preferred aesthetic is raw and industrial or charming and rustic, these finishes offer a look that is lasting trendy and timeless.

4. Floor-To-Ceiling Stone

You’ll be seeing real and faux stone installed on more places than countertops in 2020. Tall backsplashes made of granite, marble, and quartz slabs are on the rise. Homeowners are using stone for floor-to-ceiling statement walls, a creative way to elevate the sophistication of any living space.

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