Why you haven’t receive your masks yet?

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Many of our clients expressed their anxieties that they haven’t received the masks yet, even 3 days after the schedule, are the supplier of the platform really reliable? I understand your feeling, but it’s unnecessary to doubt the suppliers. There are some reasons for the delay.

Lack of Plane to Ship the Supplies

Air-cargo capacity in China fell 40% from a year earlier between early February and early March.
Air cargo shipments have faced delays and limited capacity for weeks, the suspension of commercial flights to China as the deadly virus spread around the world also halted cargo transportation. When passengers flights are canceled, that also cancels the cargo those planes would have carried. That’s why our Belgium client said he still haven’t received the supplies when his French friend already wore the masks that from the same suppliers.

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Strict Export Policies for Masks in China

As to ensure the quality of the lifesaving materials, China imposed some strict policies for medical supplies exporting, including but not limited to masks, gloves, goggles, visors and medical garments. There are some policies you should know:

a.    The qualities of export masks have to pass the examination of China customs before they enter the international market. If the quality is not good enough, those product will be detained. As the news reported that China customs has seized over 89 million sub-standard face masks.
b.    The exporter must issue some documents for these products, click here to view the details
c.    Except those documents, the packages of these masks have to meet these requires of the subject. The Civil masks shouldn’t refer to any information about medical use masks. This is a new rule, that’s why lots of masks have to be withdrawn and repackaged.
d.    The exporter of civil masks also need to issue the joint-statement between importer and exporter - the quality of the product reached the standard of China and importing country, and these products will not be applied for medical use.
e.    The medical exporters must be qualified for the standard of importing country in terms of medical use supplies. And they must issue the commitment that the products qualified for importing country customs.

So if you haven’t received your masks, don’t worry, they on the way to you - maybe a little late.

Reference: K Oanh Ha.(20, Mar. 2020)Critical Medical Supplies Are Stuck in China With No Planes to Ship Them. Retrieved from:

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