4 steps to test your protection mask

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4 Ways You Can Test the Masks for Counterfeits
Here are FOUR 10-second tests for verifying the quality of your protective mask.

The Blowing Test
1.    Put on your face mask
2.    Hold a lighter six inches from your mouth
3.    Try to blow out the lighter

The Blowing Test.jpg

Source: Gearbest

Certified mask: You will not be able to blow out the flame.
Fake mask: You can put the flame out.
Why? Certified lab-tested protective masks are made of strong but breathable full mesh nylon which meets stringent standards for inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance. If you can blow the light out when you wearing a mask, that means the mask is fail to resist the droplet spreading.

The Burning Test
1.Take out the interlayer of the mask

2. Try to ignite the interlayer

The Burning Test.jpg

Source: Gearbest

Certified mask: the layer should just disintegrate and not catch fire

Poor quality mask: the layer will catch fire until it burn up

Why? The interlayer of mask should be melt-blown cloth that with efficient adsorption and filtering of bacteria. Melt-blown won’t catch fire but will transform into colorless crystal when you try to ignite them. If it burns up, that means your mask is made of poor quality melt-blown and even most likely is made of paper.

The Leaking Test
1.    Hold your face mask like a bowl
2.    Fill the mask “bowl” with water

the leaking test2.jpg

Source: Gearbest

Certified mask: The mask cups the water with zero leakage.
Fake mask:
Water leaks from the mask.
Why? The right qualify masks must have a waterproof layer to protect the wearer from splashes of biological fluids.

The Light Transmission Test
1.    Put the mask over a light
2.    Watch how much the light pass through

light test.jpg

Source: Gearbest

Certified mask: only minimal light should be able to pass through
Fake mask: almost transparent for the light pass
A good mask should be made of melt-blown cloth, which is an extremely fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers that forms the critical inner layer of a mask. This allows the wearer to breath while reducing the inflow of possible infectious particles.
Masks are a critical item in the protective gear toolkit for anyone during the current virus climate. In order to ensure safety, quality must be ensured as well. It’s suggested to give a trial order and test them as above methods before you place the bulk order.
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Reference:Gearbest.(16, Mar. 2020)5 Tips to Test Real vs Fake Surgical Face Masks.

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