How to identify the real CE from those fakes

The mean of CE for international trade

There is an assumption that a product bearing the CE mark is safe because the CE marking demonstrates the product’s compliance with the relevant and strict EU directives and standards. Many brands place a CE mark on their products, claiming that the products are safe, and sell them into the EU zone. But sometimes the CE mark on a product can be a fake. This imitative “CE” mark is believed that expresses an aggressive approach to sell into the European market without the right standards. So, to choose a factory with a real CE certificate is an important task.

How could we identify the real CE?

1.  Is that the logo real? 

On this page, here are examples of both logos. To recognize the CE logo of the European Union, we should carefully look at:

What the meaning of a CE mark.jpg

The rumor saying the other “CE” is the mark of “China Export”, there are two CE marks. But in fact, there is no such a CE mark of “China Export”, don’t be fooled by unqualified factories.

2.  Is the certificate qualified for EU directive? 

Even some factories with the correct CE mark and true certification could be unqualified for entry EU market, especial for the personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, goggles and so on. There are two common invalid certificates we should pay attention to when selecting supplier:

a)  The certificate with title: “CE Documentation Review”, “verification of compliance”, “certificate” or “certification report”. No matter how beautiful the certificate is, it’s invalid. The qualified certification should be titled by “EU type examination certificate”.

b)  The certification authority is not the qualified for awarding a CE certification. The CE is awarded by different certification body, but not all of these authorities are as qualified as they claimed. Here you can check whether the authority is qualified or not.

Secondly, is the certificate qualified for EU directive.jpg

At present, many of you are eager to buy personal protection equipment for fighting epidemic. Take careful of the above affairs for avoiding unnecessary lost. For your reference, to gain quality PPE, selecting the qualified from BuildMost  is a good choice.

Reference:Max Strålin.(10, April. 2020)How To Distinguish A Real CE Mark From A Fake Chinese Export Mark.

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