China slashes port service fees to bolster logistics chain


Reference:CGTN | Updated: 10 March 2020

China will lower the service charges of ports to optimize business environment and facilitate the resumption of logistics chain, according to an official statement on Monday.

Cargo port fees and port facility security fees will be cut by 20 percent from March 1 to June 30, said the statement jointly released by the Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission.

The policy is expected to save 380 million yuan (about 55 million U.S. dollars) for cargo owners, said the two authorities. Also, the mandatory emergency response services and charges for non-tanker cargo ships will be canceled. Local governments are encouraged to promote preferential measures on charges during the epidemic prevention and control period in accordance with local conditions, said the statement.

Shipping companies and cargo owners should enhance cooperation to form a fee-reduction mechanism of common interests. Port operators are encouraged to give preferential treatment, including reducing or canceling the storage yard fees to small and micro enterprises affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

In addition, the two authorities will further strengthen the supervision of international shipping and port markets, investigate violations in accordance with law and standardize shipping and port charging procedure while implementing the fee-reduction policies.

Ports are a barometer of the economy, especially the foreign trade economy. China has maintained normal port operations during the epidemic prevention and control period, said a spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport. 

The fee reduction will be conducive to promoting the coordinated resumption of production and logistics in the logistics chain, besides taking the lead in the coordinated resumption of production in the industrial chain, said the spokesperson.

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