Major projects in progress across China despite epidemic

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Reference:Globaltimes | Updated: 5 March 2020

Production in many areas of China has been ramped up in recent days, as the impact of the new virus recedes. The northeastern city of Dalian had a major boost this week, when a foreign-invested enterprise was able to begin construction on a brand new factory. Feng Yilei reports. 

Japanese manufacturer Nidec Corporation is on the move. Its new electric motors plant is expected to have an annual production capacity of 3.6 million units as well as an R&D center for 700 people.Thanks to government support, the new virus outbreak didn't impede their plans.

KAZUTSUGU IGARASHI General manager, Nidec Corporation Dalian "We were worried about the shortage of supplies and other problems caused by the epidemic. But with the help from the government, we have not been affected at all. We can make products normally to meet the needs of our customers."

With such guarantees, the company decided to double the size of its investment in the new plant to over 6.5 billion yuans. Meanwhile, the city also provided incentive funds and supporting facilities to ensure the project began as scheduled.

JIANG SHITANG Project manager, State Grid Dalian Corp "50 people worked overtime to prepare materials during the outbreak. We ensured the successful completion of a temporary power construction under a safe condition in 3 days."

With the construction now practically in full swing, project managers hope to have it operational by next year. Meanwhile, the plant is also expected to attract dozens of other enterprises to invest in the region.

KAZUTSUGU IGARASHI General manager, Nidec Corporation Dalian "The Chinese government is taking strong measures and guiding us to control the new virus. This gives us confidence in China's future economic development."

FENG YILEI Liaoning Province "Limited somewhat by the need to implement epidemic prevention measures, about 80 percent of key provincial projects across the country are nevertheless back up and running. The government will now look to strengthen funding, land-use and the work force to promote major project construction. It hopes this can prove to be an effective counter-balance against the impact of the epidemic and help to stabilize economic growth."

These projects include infrastructure for upcoming international sporting events. Nearly all of the Beijing Winter Olympics projects have now restarted, with China's first Bobsleigh and Tobogganing track making ice for the first time this month. Construction has also resumed on the stadium to hold the 18th World Middle School Games in Jinjiang this October. All but 11 of the 13 venues have been completed, and the overall plan is well on schedule.

XU ZIZHU Executive vice minister, Venue Construction & Operation Management Dept. "The construction and upgrading of thse 11 projects are all under way now. We will step up efforts to ensure the safe and smooth completion of all the venues by the end of March."

Authorities will also continue to prioritise a series of major transportation, infrastructure and energy engineering projects. They include a freight line linking cities in the Greater Bay Area of Southern China as well as the the largest hydropower project being built in Tibet to meet to region's supply. 

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