China's manufacturing firms returning to full operations

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Reference:Globaltimes | Updated: 3 March 2020

Some of the world's largest companies have their biggest manufacturing bases in China, where weeks of work stoppages have impacted production. But now, as the virus eases off, workers of many companies are back in action. CGTN reporter Meng Qingsheng shows us how some of them are coping with the challenges.

This is a global manufacturing base of the Austrian company - Andritz. It produces heavy turbines and generator components for hydro-power plants. Staff here are rushing to make up for delayed orders, mostly from Asian and European markets.

YANG YATAO Vice General Manager, Andritz Chengdu "We've resumed our production line about 70 percent. Some areas like electrical workshops have lagged a little bit, which is about 40 percent, and other areas like the mechanical workshop have full capacity right now."

The factory resumed operations over two weeks ago, after a ten-day suspension due to the new virus outbreak. With a strict quarantine policy, some workers outside the region failed to get back. Logistical disruptions also affected work flow.

YANG YATAO Vice General Manager, Andritz Chengdu "The clients have pushed us a lot. We've packed our goods already, but we cannot transport these goods on time."

MENG QINGSHENG Chengdu, Sichuan "Across the world, hydropower is the leading renewable source for electricity generation, supplying over 70 percent of all renewable energy. Affected by the epidemic, companies like this one are working hard to restructure its production and tap into a global market."

National authorities have sent out a string of tax relief benefits and preferential measures, to facilitate the resumption of business. And local departments have come up with concrete plans to help survive this ordeal.

HE YONG Director General Qingbaijiang New Economic Working Bureau "We have set up an all-around platform to help increase their orders, and provided them with more channels for sales. They can also use the Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, to deliver products to the European market."

ZHANG JIXIANG Qingbaijiang Advanced Materials Industrial City "We reached out to companies and helped them finalize plans for resumption of work, and assisted them in gathering medical supplies to cope with the epidemic."

The manufacturer is now training its staff to compensate for labor shortages and balance its production. Delayed orders are expected to finish here by mid-April, one month after their due time.

The management says, its first quarter business performance will be impacted, but as life returns to normal, they will still meet production targets for 2020. Meng Qingsheng, CGTN, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

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