Are you confused by the interior design of your living room ?

A well-designed house can comfort us and the living room is even more significant in the house. The living room is the area that homeowners welcome guests and relax after exhausting work.What’s more , the living room will be presented to people at first glance when they enter the house and it reflects the style and taste of house owner. Therefore, we select 4 classic samples of living room design, from which you can learn it.

Style 1 

The Matching of diverse colors in living room interior design

The presentation of style one living room is by the use of jumping color which can increase the vitality of space and different spatial sense. The colorful wallpapers and the bright furniture, and other colorful elements in the living room match the light color wood flooring. Therefore, space will present a very distinctive style. This kind of living room can bring people strong visual impact and brings a lot of energy when people are staying in the space.


Style 2 

Interior design 丨The Matching of adjacent colors

Unlike style 1, this style of living room uses a similar color element to design the space, establishing a simple and integrated style. This way of design can easily create an atmosphere. If you enjoy the natural environment, you can choose the pink or green walls and curtains, the sofa and pillow with lotus leaves, and the planted flowers can decorate the whole house, highlighting the main axis of the natural atmosphere. Of course, you have many other ways to establish your own style of living room, for example, if you like the American pastoral style, you can pick up elegant slate and antique white color as your main element of the living room.


Style 3

Modern metropolis style in living room interior design

This style of the living room can meet many people’s requirements. The metropolis style can be created by putting modern elements such as lighting decorations with strong lines, large-size TV screens and floor-to-ceiling speakers, extra-large L-shaped leather sofas, and standing lamps......What is more, the wall is outlined with titanium plating and gray mirrors, making a low-key luxury style design. The colors in this style are more likely to be dark, including grey, silver, or black, which make you feel immersive in a modern city.


Style 4

Interior design 丨Bright and open living room

 In addition to color as the main axis, the natural lighting also can be made use of the advantages.

living room interior design6.png

The whole house is matched with pure white and silver marble floors, and the whole living room design tends to be open. The partition walls are avoided, which makes the space bright and spacious. Transparency gives full play to the lighting characteristics of the original house. The TV wall is inlaid with natural stone and horizontal striped black mirrors, together with the black iron display cabinet and black pile carpet beside it, adding a low-key and fashionable texture to the natural tolerance. Besides, a big french window can enlarge the living room space in visual feeling and enables more natural light, making the room more bright and open.

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