Choose a solid wood flooring,something that you must know!

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When we are doing home improvement for the projects, everyone might encounter the confusion of choosing floor types. Many people are hard to make up their minds to choose what kind of floor they need for their projects. In fact, each type of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by knowing enough information before choosing can you ensure the appropriate floor product. Today, we will introduce the solid wood flooring, hoping to help you with your project selection!

Solid wood flooring

First of all, let’s briefly summarize the definition of solid wood flooring.

The solid wood flooring is made of solid wood of the entire thickness. It is usually made of hardwood species, such as oak, maple, or walnut. One of the features is that it can be sanded and repaired many times during its using lifespan. 

To be more specific, solid wood flooring can be divided into the pure solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring.

Solid wood flooring

1.Pure solid wood flooring

2.Solid wood composite flooring

Pure solid wood flooring is also called raw wood flooring, which is formed after drying and processing natural wood. This type of floor is extracted directly from raw materials, therefore, its has low formaldehyde ingredient and is more environmentally friendly. The solid wood floor is distinguished for its natural wood texture, which is closer to nature and has a wild feeling. In addition, its service life is longer than other types of floors with a several decades or even hundreds of years life span. However, the maintenance of this type of floor is not simple, the environment must be moisture-proof and dry-proof and this floor is not abrasion-resistant which requires a lot of attention to maintain. In addition, the price of pure solid wood flooring is more expensive than other products, so the configuration of pure solid wood flooring requires a higher budget.

As for the solid wood composite floor, it consists of interlaced laminates of different tree species, which overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor such as wet expansion and shrinkage to a certain extent. What is more, the solid wood composite floor retains the natural wood grain of solid wood floors and comfortable foot touch.  Importantly, solid wood composite flooring combines the stability of laminate flooring and the appearance of solid wood flooring as well as the environmentally friendly features.

How do you choose solid wood floors? 

Many people believed that the quality of solid wood flooring depends on the weight. In most cases, high-priced flooring tends to be heavier and air-drying density is relatively high. However, the exception is teak flooring! The luxurious teak flooring is as light as some cheap flooring while it is highly stable and resistant to corrosion and it is usually regarded as excellent flooring.

Therefore, when choosing solid wood floors, the best way is to evaluate from different aspects

Solid wood flooring

 Luxurious teak flooring

The appearance 

A good solid wood flooring is more related to the appearance of the original wood characteristics and the texture is clear and rule-based, not cluttered. When you see some flooring with thick surface paint, it is more likely the cover that conceals the wood defects.

Select from the cracks 

Some small cracks on the floor can be neglected, while the particularly obvious large cracks, especially some cracks that will penetrate the texture of the wood, should be regarded as the significant flaw of the floor. 

In summary, the quality of the flooring should be judged from many different aspects. Weight, texture, appearance, surface, etc. 

The above is some knowledge about solid wood flooring, hoping it would be helpful for you.

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